The Benefits of CBD For PETS

Pure CBD Oil for Expanding the Lives of Your Beloved Dog or Cat

Finding pure CBD oil for your pet may be a hassle. Especially if you’re new to this and you’re not sure if you want to explore this option.

Look no further! Here you’ll learn these essentials:

  • What exactly is CBD for your pet
  • Reasons to consider CBD for your pet
  • CBD’s legal status
  • If you can share CBD oil with your pet
  • Possible side effects
  • Additional options beyond CBD oil

What is CBD oil for pets?

Pet CBD is any product designed for your backbone-having animals. Like humans, dogs, cats and horses are some of the lovable creatures also have an endocannabinoid system. This intricate part of us creates homeostasis and brings balance that can affect our mood, appetite and mental state.

Specifically with CBD oil, you can struggle with your resistant pet and insert CBD into their mouths. Or you can slip it the proper dosage into their food or treats like a sneaky, kind Game of Thrones character who betters lives instead of murdering. 

So far, our products are helpful for only dogs and cats. Please be sure to double-check before buying. Just because we all share an endocannabinoid system doesn’t our bodies process things the same. 

Why pure CBD for Pets?

Health insurance can be pretty touchy among humans and even more so when it comes to your pets. You may have fallen in love with those big, loving eyes without being warned of the exponential costs of treatments as your fur baby gets older. Or perhaps you adopted them and they already had ailments. Or life unveils conditions in your very young animal.

If you’re tired of pouring money into the same issues that the vet and conventional products have yet to resolve, CBD is worth trying to improve your pet’s quality of life. 

Here’s what CBD oil for your pets may help with:


Skin inflammation/allergies 

Pain management

Calming them during storms and/or loud events

Of course, speak with your vet before committing to a purchase. This cannabinoid may cause issues when interacting with drugs your pet may be prescribed. 

And again, their bodies work differently than ours, so you should follow the guidance of a professional for safe use.

Is CBD legal (for pets)?

Hemp has been legalized by the federal government. But the legal status of CBD is still debated, so rely on your state’s laws before making a purchase. No one has been prosecuted or arrested for online CBD sales, so don’t rack your brain over it too much. 

When it comes to CBD for your pets, that too is being debated. That’s not a legal issue so much as how safe veterinarians feel with it. 

Though many people have great results with proper usage of CBD oil for their furry companions, actual studies are still relatively new. Which makes some vets hesitant about encouraging usage.

California’s vets took a stand, so there is hope! Invest time in finding a vet who’s willing to explore this option.

Is pet CBD oil safe for humans?

CBD oil products are not interchangeable between species. The existence of CBD oil specifically for dogs and cats isn’t an excuse to get you to spend more money. 

Stated before, though we all share an endocannabinoid system, your pets’ bodies are designed differently and thus have different sensitivities to it. For example, THC is actually quite toxic for dogs, similar to how their bodies can’t digest certain foods like chocolate and onions. 

Don’t give your CBD oil to your pets. And if you run out, that doesn’t mean it’s time to explore your cat’s fish-infused CBD oil.

Can CBD oil cause diarrhea in dogs? And other possible side effects

CBD oil may cause diarrhea in dogs if they’re given copious amounts. Of course, “copious” can vary depending on the size of your dog, as well as possible overdosing. 

Other possible side effects may arise if your pet has a prescribed medication. So again, work with your vet to prevent negative drug interactions. More on that here.

Where to get pure CBD pet treats?

Maybe you don’t want to be bothered with the mess of CBD oil. Or you’ve tried it and your precious pet refuses to touch their food afterward. The next best option then is CBD treats!

If using a dropper is difficult or you just want to have CBD on the go, we have a variety of soft chews for your dog. Each brand promises a taste that your pet may enjoy more than the oil.

Perhaps you’re just not feeling CBD oil and treats all the time. For those wanting a more medical feel, we also offer capsules for dogs and cats. 


Now that you have an idea of how our pure CBD oil can help your pets, work with your vet or a CBD-friendly vet. 

The possible benefits are great. But getting the right dosage is essential to ensuring you and your pet live happily ever after with your purchase. And keep in mind that figuring out the appropriate amount can take some time.

Check out our CBD for Pets section here to get started if you’re ready!

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