Survive the Holidays with CBD Tinctures for Your Self-Care

Survive the Holidays with CBD Tinctures for Your Self-Care

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LEGAL NOTICE: This content is not medical advice and does not substitute ongoing treatment with a physician. 

The holidays are upon us, for better or worse! Whether you’re dealing with your own issues or looking to bring relief to a loved one or two, CBD tinctures are a great choice for self-care.

In a previous blog post, we covered how to build a daily routine with all forms of CBD. This go-round we’re sticking with tinctures and how they can help spruce up your self-care day.

CBD is a major chemical component, or cannabinoid, in cannabis and hemp and it stands for Cannabidiol. It’s unlike its sexier sister THC who has the popular reputation for psychoactivity. CBD is a medicinal portion you can get without feeling high.

And it’s legal on the state level nationwide (be sure to double-check your state’s fine print)! It’s a holistic supplement that may provide relief for stress, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and much more.

Sit back, relax and take in some new ideas for your next self-care day!

What is CBD tincture?

To get right into it, tinctures are alcohol-based things. You can take them sublingually: placing drops under your tongue.

Tinctures can also be added into food and drinks to infuse them. It can also be placed directly onto your skin. This is the case with CBD tinctures or CBD oil tinctures.

We offer this as an option if vaping isn’t your thing.

CBD tinctures have a variety of features to compare when deciding on a brand. No, they’re not all made the same. The taste of tinctures can vary, so you may want to consider the types of flavors present. In addition to that, the extraction method holds a solid degree of weight.

This is including the amount of CBD actually present per bottle and serving size.

If you’re not worried about a drug test and want the full range of effects, shoot for full spectrum tinctures. Though all the tinctures we sell are hemp-based, full spectrum promises the entourage effect.

The entourage effect promises enhanced medicinal effects because key cannabinoids like CBD, THC and terpenes are present.  It is worth noting that these contain less than 0.3-0.5% THC and may mention the terpene profiles. Terpenes are what create the aroma and taste of the plant.

Though the possibility is slim, the trace amounts of THC could cause a positive drug test. In that case, you want to navigate broad spectrum and isolate CBD tinctures. They are generally upfront and say zero THC if it’s completely absent.

It’s possible that without the entourage effect in place, you may need more CBD.

Oh yeah, your method of consumption matters with CBD tinctures! Via sublingual, it can take 15-45 minutes to feel the effects. CBD enters your bloodstream faster this way.

Infusing your food and drinks with CBD tincture can take 30-60 minutes for results to kick in since it’s going through your digestive tract. Plus mixing contents may dilute some of the CBD.

While you can use CBD oil tinctures for massages and moisturizer, be aware that skin absorption is more so an option for physical spot-treatment than addressing matters of the mind.

What is self care?

Self-care, self-care, self-care. It’s quite the buzzword these days and for great reasons. You could say we’re in a mental health renaissance and people are prioritizing their wellness with it.

Whether it’s for a single day out of the week or an hour set aside everyday, self-care is whatever you need it to mean for your restoration. Without harming others in case you’re a sociopath.

Overall, self-care needs to be considered in a holistic way. We are made up of our mind, body and soul. Our aim with restoring and balancing our sense of self should be to make sure needs are met in all these areas. Have you considered how you nourish each aspect of you?

Be sure to note that some of these activities can overlap. We’re whole beings and many of our problems can be rooted in multiple aspects of our bodies and minds.

Anyway, body self-care can take the form of hot baths, drinking tea, massages/spa days, aromatherapy, yoga, exercising, consuming well-balanced meals, intimate acts like hugging and sex.

They’re activities that bring you physical relaxation and pleasure.

Mind self-care overlaps with soul. It includes meditation, journaling, and listening to music. Yoga and sex overlap from body care into this realm as well. There are of course many other options like painting, dancing, reading, playing video games.

The list can be exhaustive: all that matters is that you’re doing things that make you feel balanced and like you can handle anything.

It’s seemingly natural that CBD would have a perfect place with self-care. The many forms of CBD allow for accommodation with your self-care tasks of choice.

Other than CBD tinctures, there are salves, edibles, and vaporizer options galore. Though we’re focused on tinctures for this article, definitely consider multiple options for treating your ailments.

How CBD tinctures Help

So how can you apply everything you’ve learned here to have a lovely CBD-infused self care day? Again, let’s hit it from the three angles of mind, body and soul.

Starting with the mind, consume your CBD tincture in the method you deem fit. Then prepare for a meditation and journaling session. As the CBD courses through you, it will slow down the worries and tasks you’ve been thinking on. You’ll be able to relax your brain and spend your quiet time on healthy self-introspection.

You may be able to follow your breath in meditation easier and now that you have a moment journal, you have enough clarity to resolve some problems. If you suffer from anxiety and depression, CBD tinctures can help provide the relief you need to start accepting and reshaping negative thoughts.

Focusing on relaxing the mind, CBD tinctures are great for self-care days for sleeping. Even if you’ve been pulling all nighters all week, you ought to save one day for catching up on all that sleep.

Let’s then connect the mind and body with yoga! Whether you’re attending a class or going through the motions of a 10-minute beginner yoga video, CBD will help to make you more present with your breath and movements. I’m not promising you a breeze with your practice. But I can say that if you tend to grow frustrated during your practice, this can help ease the tension.

What if yoga isn’t your thing? Your preferred method of exercise for self-care doesn’t matter.  You can find more enjoyment in your favorite activities with a grounded mind and less pain.

If you’re looking for spot treatment and want to take your time, use CBD for your next massage or when you moisturize after bathing. Since skin absorption may prove difficult, don’t forget that you can drop CBD into your favorite drink and savor it. Be it tea, wine or soup, make sure you add the right tincture flavor profile for a delicious infused experience.

These self-care all manage to hit the points of mind, body and soul all at once!

In the realm of intimacy, CBD tinctures can definitely prove to be a game changer. I recommend doing your reading if you want to experiment with using it as a lubricant, but consuming CBD way before “the act” may bring a better sense of ease.

If sex is apart of your self-care routine, ease your mind and body to better awaken your soul.

It’s also worth considering that self-care can also mean taking a short cannabis break. I prefer to keep my tolerance levels low, which means taking a day or two off from flower.

This also highlights growing a bit tired of the high or vapors or smoke. This is a great opportunity to supplement your full cannabis experience with strictly CBD. Especially if you’re tired of smoking, CBD tinctures gives your lungs and throat the break you’ve been seeking.

Get Started Today!

If  you’ve been looking for some self-care ideas, start today with this information and pick one of our top-rated CBD tinctures! Even if you just start with one self-care act a week, you’ll start to feel a sense of restoration.

Life can be pretty tiring and you deserve at least one day a week to wind down. You deserve an option like CBD because it can help heal you or at least your feelings towards your ailment in the long run. Combining CBD tinctures with one of the wonderful self-care options mentioned above is sure to give you the healthy pivot you need.

Though CBD can’t get you high, you should still take your time with understanding your dosage. Everyone’s body can respond in various ways depending on amount versus time CBD has been in your system. Be sure to monitor your consumption to see what it takes to feel relief.

Our top-rated CBD tinctures are CBD For the People (FTP) 48000mgBluemoon BD Oil 250mg (flavor options), and Entourage Hemp Whole flower Tincture 1000mg.

If you’re a complete beginner, I highly recommend starting with Dank Labs to understand your CBD “sweet spot.” For those more familiar with CBD and looking for a new option, CBD FTP 3200mg is your best option. If you also vape wax, FTP can be used for vaporizing when you get tired of ingestion.

And that’s that! Explore the others and revel in the reviews that match your needs. Self-care is trending but it’s here to stay.

Comment below with your self-care tips and let us know how CBD is bettering your life!

Alaina Dorsey is CEO, freelance cannabis copywriter and content strategist at her Baltimore-based business Bud Biz Llama in Maryland. 


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