Smokeless CBD: Hitting You with the Right “Snuff”

As the CBD industry sees more mainstream popularity than ever before, more entrepreneurs are finding innovative ways to develop new hemp-based products that cater to highly specific consumer needs.  These days, we’re seeing a wave of highly innovative CBD products that are more bioavailable, user-friendly and rich in plant compounds than ever before.

One of the products that we expect to see a lot more of over the coming months is smokeless CBD, which is frequently referred to as CBD snuff.  Those who are familiar with traditional snuff can get their head around what this product is and how it’s used.  Whether you’re familiar with snuff or not, we’re here to explain what this product is in full detail so that you can decide whether or not you wish to add it to your hemp regimen.

What is CBD Snuff?

Snuff is a product that’s been around for ages, and many tobacco enthusiasts have at least tried it a few times.  The concept of traditional tobacco snuff is pretty simple.  Rather than smoking the tobacco in the form of a cigarette, the user pinches a small amount out of a pouch.  Then, they place the tobacco between the gum and the cheek.  This allows the nicotine in the tobacco to quickly reach the brain without requiring that the user light up a combustible cigarette.

CBD snuff works the same way, generally speaking.  It comes in a pouch, and pinches of it are placed between the cheek and the gum.  However, CBD snuff doesn’t contain any tobacco.  Rather, it consists of either hemp extract or hemp flowers, and more often than not, additional natural, plant-based ingredients that help give the product a moister consistency.

Since the CBD industry first began, the focus has been primarily on CBD oils and edibles.  These products remain highly popular, and for good reason.  However, chemists are always looking for new ways to increase the bioavailability of CBD.  Bioavailability refers to the way in which the hemp compounds are delivered to the brain and bloodstream via absorption.  What makes snuff unique is that it has a high likelihood of being more bioavailable than many other CBD products that are on the market, and this is due to the way in which it is administered.  Where the snuff is placed, you’ll find tissue of the body that absorbs the plant compounds in a highly efficient way.  This means that those compounds are more likely to enter the brain rather than getting metabolized and filtered out by the liver.  It also means that the user can experience those compounds in a shorter period of time, because this tissue acts as a shortcut to the brain.

Why’s CBD Snuff Becoming So Popular?

We explained the importance of bioavailability when it comes to the compounds in hemp.  CBD snuff is becoming a hot item these days because users find that it provides a more potent and fast-acting hemp experience than many other methods that are on the market.  Also, it lets the user get more bang for their buck as they absorb more of the compounds that are in the product.

How is CBD Snuff Made?

CBD snuff can be made in a number of ways, as each company has their own unique recipe.  The key to making quality snuff is using, as you would imagine, high-quality hemp.  It can come in the form of the flower or a hemp extract, which is a highly concentrated oil-based substance.  Then, it’s mixed with other ingredients that give it a pinchable consistency.  These ingredients are also derived from plants so that the formula remains all-natural.

How is CBD Snuff Used?

Using snuff is extremely simple, as we touched on earlier.  Snuff comes in a jar or a pouch, and it’s most often used on an as-needed basis.  The user pinches a small amount of snuff in their fingers.  Then, they reach into their mouth and stick the snuff between their cheek and gum.  They leave it there for a while, allowing the compounds to fully absorb into the tissue in the mouth.  When they’re done, they spit out the snuff.

Quality Matters

What’s most important when selecting a CBD snuff product is that the CBD is high in quality.  From the ingredients to the product method, you must take this into consideration. Also, look for lab results on a company’s website before making a purchase. 

Could This Really Be the Next Big CBD Thing?

CBD snuff is a groundbreaking product that may be more bioavailable than a lot of other hemp goodies that are on the market today.  More bioavailability means more absorption of those highly desirable plant compounds, which is one of the reasons why we at Pure CBD Vapors are so excited about this new innovation within the CBD industry. 

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