Delta 8 THC Flower, Dabs & Shatter

Delta 8 flower, dabs, and shatter are available at Pure CBD Vapors. Delta 8 products are available in a wide range of strains and consistency levels. The majority of our products contain the whole spectrum of chemical components found in hemp, as well as a significant dose of delta 8. We also carry pure delta-8 THC products for advanced users.

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Delta 8 Flower, Dabs, and Shatter

Pure CBD Vapors is known for having huge variety of delta 8 products from leading brands (including our in-house brands) in the industry. One specialty of ours is our massive collection of delta 8 flower, dabs, and shatter, which offer unique ways to experience the properties of the delta 8 THC cannabinoid.

These delta 8 products come in many varieties including numerous strains and consistencies, which means that there really is something for everyone. They also offer unique effects which come from their distinctive delivery methods that interact with the body in ways that other types of products don’t offer.

Delta 8 Flower

Delta 8 flower is the raw flower of the hemp plant infused with delta 8 THC distillate, so that each serving offers a full spectrum experience coupled with prominent delta 8 effects for a mild but noticeable buzz. Flower is raw and unprocessed, making it uniquely bioavailable not to mention versatile, as it can be vaped, smoked, or even turned into edibles. We offer both raw buds and pre-ground buds, as well as pre-rolls.

Delta 8 Concentrates

Delta 8 concentrates like wax and shatter are extremely potent and are intended for experienced users for this reason. They are used with dabbing devices to flash-vaporize the product for maximum impact. Most of the dabs we carry contain the full array of chemical compounds in hemp, with an added dose of powerful delta 8.

An Abundance of Strains

Most of our flower and concentrates come in a huge array of popular strains, including invigorating sativas, mellowing indicas, and hybrids that produce a more balanced type of experience. Each strain not only delivers its own unique effects, but a distinctive flavor that comes from its terpenes.

Top Brands in the Industry

The flower and dabs that we carry come from top-rated brands including Strain Snobs, iDelta8, D8 Factory, Cleen CBD, Maui Labs, and more. These are trusted names in the industry that are known for their high-quality standards and consistency of products.

Choose Your Preferred Size

We know that everyone has their own routine established, which is why the flower and dabs at Pure CBD Vapors come in various quantities and size options.  This way, you’ll always have fresh product in exactly the amount that you need.

Always Shipped Fresh

When it comes to flower and dabs, freshness is key to preserve the potency and flavor of the chemical compounds. We guarantee that you’ll always receive fresh product from us in order to have the powerful experience you have been looking for.

Lab-Tested and Traceable

We take our role in the hemp industry seriously, which is why we only carry products that have undergone an extensive third-party testing process, with lab reports easy to find on our website. Also, these products are traceable so that you can have a better idea of what you’re consuming.

Try the Delta 8 Flower and Concentrates from Pure CBD Vapors

At Pure CBD Vapors, you can find top-shelf delta 8 flower, dabs and shatter at excellent prices, while knowing that you’re getting pure, clean and lab-tested product that’s as fresh as can be. Find a product and strain that appeals to you and experience an entirely new way to enjoy delta 8 THC.

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