Delta 8 Dabs & Shatter

Looking for a more potent delta 8 experience? Nothing will give you strong delta 8 THC effects like dabs and shatter. These concentrates offer pure, clean formulas consisting of 100% hemp compounds, with far more delta 8 potency than what you’re used to. Intended for use with dabbing devices, concentrates can produce a stronger psychoactive response while taking effect within just a couple of minutes.

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Delta 8 THC Dabs and Shatter

If you want a little more out of your delta-8 experience, then look no further than delta 8 dabs and shatter, which offer highly concentrated servings of delta 8 THC and the many other compounds we seek out of the hemp plant like CBD, terpenes, etc. These concentrates come in all kinds of styles, strains, and more, but what they all share in common is that they give you powerful potency for a delta 8 sensation like you’ve never felt before.

Maximum Potency, Maximum Effects

Delta 8 dabs and shatter are made by concentrating the compounds of the hemp plant using a variety of tested methods. The addition of pure delta 8 THC to the material gets concentrated as well, to offer powerful effects associated with the cannabinoid. Basically, delta-8 dabbing can give you a much more powerful psychoactive experience.

Additive-Free for a 100% Pure Hemp Experience

All of the dabs and shatter that we offer are made with 100% pure hemp plant material – no flavoring, additives or filler ingredients, period. If you’re all about that pure hemp life, you’ll savor the fresh taste of natural terpenes without any other ingredients getting in the way of your enjoyment.

Made with the Same Lab-Testing Standards

We only carry delta 8 THC dabs and shatter that have been lab-tested for quality assurance by an authorized testing facility. This way, there’s no worry about ending up with a low-quality concentrate. Our customers deserve only the very best.

Choose Your Strain and Concentrate

The dabs and shatter that we carry come in a rich variety of strains and concentrate styles. Choose from various sativa, indica and hybrid options to enjoy different effects of the hemp plant, while choosing between wax, shatter and more to enjoy different potency levels, flavor vibrancy and consistencies that alter your dabbing experience.

Common FAQs

  • What are Concentrates?

    Concentrates are concentrated forms of hemp compounds, meaning that they’re processed in a way that reduces the product in weight, but increases the potency as a result. Concentrates are commonly referred to as “dabs.”

  • Delta 8 concentrates are fully legal. All delta 8 THC products are protected under federal law as they contain within the legal limit of delta 9 THC (0.3%). However, they are illegal 12 states, where all delta-8 products are banned.

  • Do Dabs and Shatter Contain Additives?

    The dabs and shatter that we sell at Pure CBD Vapors contain no additives. Concentrates are supposed to contain high purity levels of hemp compounds, without any additional ingredients.

  • Are Dabs and Shatter Okay for Beginners?

    We do not recommend these products for those who are totally new to delta 8 THC. This is because the very high potency levels will likely be too much for those who have not yet developed a tolerance to delta 8. Once you have taken one of our other delta 8 products for at least a month, you can consider trying a dab or shatter.

  • What is Shatter?

    Shatter is a type of concentrate produced using butane as a solvent, which concentrates the compounds in hemp to offer high potency. Shatter is one of the most potent types of concentrates there is. It gets its name from its brittle glass-like nature.

  • What is Wax?

    Wax is also made with butane as a solvent, but it is not as concentrated as shatter, making it just slightly less potent. Because it’s less processed, it offers a richer terpene flavor as well. Wax gets its name from its waxy consistency.

  • What Do I Need to Dab?

    To use concentrates, you need a dabbing device such as a dab rig (analog) or dab pen (electronic). These devices flash-vaporize concentrates at high temperatures so that they can be converted into vapor. Dabs cannot be used with standard vaping or smoking equipment.

  • Can Dabbing Get Me Too High?

    Dabbing produces a much more potent experience than other delta 8 products, which is why you should start slow. While getting extremely high off of delta 8 doesn’t lead to toxicity, it can be overwhelming, especially for dabbing beginners.

  • How Much Should I Dab at Once?

    We recommend taking one puff of a dab when you’re first starting out. This gives you a chance to get a feel for the difference in potency. Usually, you’ll feel the effects within just a couple of minutes.

  • Do Concentrates Contain Terpenes?

    Most concentrates contain terpenes, as they are naturally full spectrum products made from whole plant material. The exception is delta 8 distillate, which is a purified, concentrated form of delta 8 THC.

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