Pure CBD Vapors’ Hemp Oil Infused E-Juice

Pure CBD Vapors’ Hemp Oil Infused E-Juice

The CBD vapor or liquid that is used in electronic cigarettes is derived from cannabis plant. CBD or cannabidiol is derived from industrial hemp and is also used for treatment of health issues like pain relief, anxiety attacks and epilepsy. It is referred to as medicinal marijuana and does not contain any THC. The electronic cigarettes use e-liquid derived from hemp oil which is atomized in a heating chamber to create cigarette-like vapor when exhaled, hence are also referred to as vaporizers. The process of inhaling and blowing out the vapors like cigarettes is referred to as vaping, since the product does not contain any form of tobacco.

Details of Pure CBD Vapors

Pure CBD Vapors help smokers reduce their smoking habit and also to provide relief to people with chronic pain and health problems. CBD or cannabidiol, which is present in Pure CBD Vapors, offers health benefits of medicinal cannabis, which is known to help treat cancer and other health issues like anxiety, nausea, low blood pressure and convulsions. There is less than .3% THC in Pure CBD Vapors, so they are not likely to make the users groggy or drugged. These vapors are available in different fruity flavors like strawberry, peach, tropical and peach. Pure CBD Vapors can be used in different voltage devices, so user can decide exact output level based on their convenience.

The hemp oil used during vaping of Pure CBD Vapors is derived from pure industrial hemp and is made within USA with 100 percent natural ingredients, so they do not have side effects. All vaporizers contain different kinds of extraction chambers, which are made of metal or glass and their vapors are either directly inhaled or collected in a bag. Since there is no combustion during vaporization process, the harmful effects of traditional smoking are reduced along with dangers of secondary smoking.

E-Juice that has been derived from industrial hemp oil

Industrial hemp is grown around the world for both medicinal and entertainment purposes. The oil that is extracted from this plant is referred to as industrial hemp oil, as it is used for various medicinal purposes. The cultivation of the plant is done with little space between trees as they can grow up to 10 to 15 feet and have large stalks, which are sources of fiber and soft wool. CBD e-juice that is extracted from industrial hemp is pure and does not have THC which causes intoxication. Medicinal properties of CBD, which occurs naturally in different parts of hemp plant like seed, stem and stalk is extracted for commercial use. The extraction is done in the form of industrial hemp oil that is used as dietary supplement and also in electronic cigarettes.

Of the 85 different cannabinoids or CBD types that have been extracted from cannabis plant, few can be used as electronic juice, while others do not contain much THC and neither vaporizes at high temperatures. Vapors are advised by doctors for smokers who want to quit smoking, as they contain less harmful chemicals and it can also reduce their addiction.

Factors affecting extraction of hemp oil from industrial hemp

  1. Temperature during extraction
  2. Quality of hemp and density
  3. Content of oil and water in the hemp and weight of plant
  4. Quality of materials in the e-juice chamber
  5. Duration of vapor storage

Though there is no medical evidence to state that vaping reduces regular smoking or reduce damage of actual tobacco smoking, the product is being pushed into markets as an alternative product for chain smokers who want to control the habit.

Advantages of hemp oil infused e-juice

CBD that is present in hemp oil is a potent fighter of cancers of breast and prostate, though the same has not been confirmed by Food and Drug Administration. So, the hemp oil used in electronic cigarettes is categorized as a nutritional supplement and is easily ingestible. Extraction of hemp oil for use in e-juice is done in a highly scientific manner from industrial hemp plant to retain its medicinal properties, so it does not cause any harm to e-cigarette users.

Availability of hemp oil in the market

The hemp oil which is rich in Cannabidiol is formulated into liquid that can be filled into electronic cigarettes and can give smokers the comfort of smoking without suffering harmful effects of nicotine. Manufacturers of pure hemp oil sell it to makers of electronic cigarettes or to customers through stores selling e-cigarettes and vapors. Hemp oil infused e-juice bottles are available from various manufactures as bottles of 10 – 4oz. which contains between 25-5,000mg of CBD. Depending on customer demand, retailers sell organic and non–organic hemp oil in the market which is used in purest form for medicinal purposes or with flavored formulations by e-cigarette users.

Hemp oil used by e-juice manufacturers

As pure hemp oil is rich in CBD and does not contain the harmful properties of cannabis, manufacturers of e-cigarettes are purchasing it and marketing it as juice, while selling their electronic cigarettes in the market through retailers. These e-cigarette manufacturers make their own formulations and sell it to customers in different flavors to attract their attention. The hemp oil infused e-juice does not have psychoactive components.

The electronic cigarette liquids that are used in different flavors of Pure CBD vapors are formulated specifically out of hemp oil, which is good for smokers as it helps them curb addiction from nicotine and its side effects. When smokers use hemp oil infused e-juice, it will expose them to advantages of CBD and its medicinal properties. Pure CBD Vapors are also smoke free, so it can be lit even in a public place without causing inconvenience to others. These products are sold with and without e-cigarettes to give buyers the choice of flavors and taste. Users of hemp oil infused e-juice can purchase them from vaping stores or pharmacies or also order them online directly from www.purecbdvapors.com.