Sweet Wax Hemp 300mg CBD Cartridge


This Sweet Wax Hemp 300mg CBD Cartridge comes in six fabulous flavors that are all sure to please.

This cartridge is 1ml.


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Sweet Wax Hemp 300mg: High-Potency CBD Wax Vape Oil Cartridge

Welcome to the world of Sweet Wax Hemp, available online from Pure CBD Vapors — your one-stop-online-shop for all your CBD vaping needs. This Sweet Wax Hemp 300mg CBD Cartridge comes in six fabulous flavors that are all sure to please. For use with any 510 universal threaded vape pen or other CBD vaping device, these CBD vape refill cartridges are perfect for at home or on the go.

ZERO Artificial Flavoring, ZERO Preservatives, and ZERO PG/VG

While artificial flavorings could make their product taste like a surge of sugar on the pallet, we refuse to use them. Artificial is artificial, no matter how safe it sounds. Sweet Wax Hemp uses organic terpene flavors, designed to mask the usual intense taste of raw hemp CBD wax. Hints of fruit sweetness make our product all-natural, delectable, and truly one-of-a-kind.

Sweet Wax Hemp should naturally solidify in a cool environment. They do not use oils, preservatives, or additives to “cut” or liquefy Sweet Wax Hemp. When your Sweet Wax solidifies between uses, simply preheat your cartridge by using the double click feature on the pen battery. You may also use any warm source of air to liquefy it. The mouthpiece is made of PURE CERAMIC and WILL NOT get hot!

Your wax can be vaped while thick, it does not need to be fully liquid. Upright storage of your pen and cartridge allows the wax to cool at the bottom where the wax needs to stay for the best CBD vape experience. If, however, it has been laid on its side and the CBD wax has cooled onto the sides of the cartridge, take a moment to warm it so it falls to the bottom before enjoying your Sweet experience. Always store your Sweet Wax hemp cartridge in a cool dry place, away from direct heat or sunlight


Sweet Wax Hemp uses a cartridge that has an air hole at the bottom. If for any reason you find that the air hole has become obstructed, remove it from the pen battery, and blow hard through the cartridge mouthpiece. That should remove any obstruction. Re- attach the cartridge to the pen battery, preheat it, and enjoy.

Your Sweet Wax Hemp cartridge comes in a recyclable, travel-size CHILD-PROOF tube. Simply pinch the top of the tube at the lid where it says “squeeze,” and it will pop open. Keep the tube handy for storing your cartridge in backpacks, purses, pockets, or luggage, and enjoy your CBD wax vaping wherever you go.

Key Features to Remember:

  • 6 Flavors to Select From
  • 1.0 mL Capacity Refill Cartridge
  • 100% Pure CBD Wax
  • THC-Free
  • Legal in all 50 States

Flavors to Choose From:

  • Dark Silk Chocolate: Rich and Sweet Chocolaty Sensation
  • Juicy Fruit: A Marvelous Fruity Blend
  • Sweet Guava: An Exotically Tropical Flavor
  • Watermelon: Juicy and Sweet Diced Watermelons
  • Candy Cane: Classic Holiday Minty and Sweet Treat
  • Double Apple: Mix of Red and Green Apple Goodness

Product Ingredients

Sweet Wax Hemp wax cartridges are made 100% chemical free, using certified Non-Gmo European hemp extract. CO2 extraction, natural plant terpenes.


Sweet Wax Hemp

About Sweet Wax Hemp

Are you looking for a uniquely potent hemp experience? Sweet Wax Hemp Un-Cut CBD wax cartridges are 100% Chemical-Free, Preservative-Free and are made from certified Non-Gmo Hemp extract. Using super-critical CO2 extraction, it's filtered, lab tested and blended exclusively with natural plant terpenes. There are NO artificial flavorings or elaborately named preservatives. Sweet Wax Hemp is simple: CBD Hemp Wax, and Terpenes. Each blend is made fresh to order. Master crafted with care and steeped in natural flavors, it will arrive fresh to your door. Really doesn’t get any better than this. Every hemp cartridge is compatible with most standard vaping devices. This means you don’t need to buy and maintain fancy equipment to reap its benefits.  Simply attach it to your vaporizer and enjoy the ride. Go ahead, slouch a little more in that favorite chair and pull up a daydream...or two today.

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Sweet Wax Hemp 300mg CBD Cartridge