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Schmitty’s Snuff Reserve CBD Mint Flavor (Choose Quantity)

From: $24.99

Time to run North and taste the “Call of the Wild” with Schmitty’s Snuff Reserve CBD Mint Flavor. Available for your hemp pleasure at Pure CBD Vapors.


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Schmitty’s Snuff Reserve is a Full Spectrum CBD Minty Flavor

For the discerning dipper who craves all the classic experiences associated with an arctic freeze, we’re pleased to carry an alternative and healthy snuff in a sought-after minty classic. Time to run North and taste the “Call of the Wild” with Schmitty’s Snuff Reserve CBD Mint Flavor.

Schmitt’s premium herbal snuff is made from only the finest ingredients. Their product’s substrate is a specialty “select tea blend” which was chosen for its high antioxidants, vitamins and mineral content. On top of that, its nicely cool, minty-like nature gives it a good brisk kick.

Containing 250mg of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD oil (0.00% THC) in every can, the addition of Hemp CBD makes this snuff ideal for anyone wanting to dip some high-quality herbal snuff.

Remember, for an alternative and quality snuff, always buy your Schmitty’s Snuff from Pure CBD Vapors! Besides, it’s easy to cope when you have a can of Schmitty’s Snuff Reserve Mint in your pocket!

Key Features to Remember:

  • 100% Tobacco-Free and Nicotine-Free
  • Smokeless CBD
  • 250mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil (0.00% THC) in Every Can
  • Selected Tea Blend
  • Flavor Type: Mint
  • Available in 1, 3, or 10 Cans

Product Ingredients

Tea, Water, Molasses, Honey, Salt, Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerin, Sodium bicarbonate, Ammonium carbonate, Vanilla, Natural & artificial flavorings including: Mint flavoring – Spearmint & Peppermint


Schmitty's Snuff

About Schmitty's Snuff

One of the most innovative brands that we’ve come across has been Schmitty’s Snuff. Their products are so intriguing and exceptionally formulated, we had to find them a spot at Pure CBD Vapors. They focus on producing high-quality CBD snuff, which is also known as “Smokeless CBD”. Now, what’s unique about this product is the delivery method. The CBD is used like standard snuff products, being placed between the gum and the cheek. This allows for profound bio-availability and a fast-acting CBD experience like no other. Schmitty’s Snuff uses lab-tested, high-quality hemp and natural, plant-based flavoring extracts that don’t just improve the taste. They allow for a wider variety of plant compounds into the system.  Overall, each product extremely high in quality and capable of giving you a profound hemp-based experience.

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1 Can, 10 Cans (Log), 3 Cans

Schmitty's Snuff Reserve CBD Mint Flavor
Schmitty’s Snuff Reserve CBD Mint Flavor (Choose Quantity)
From: $24.99