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Peach Kush CBD Vape Juice 10ml 25mg


If you’re the type of hemp enthusiast who likes to use a more advanced vape setup, Peach Kush CBD Vape Juice 10ml 25mg is for you. This high-quality vape oil comes bottled so that you can have more control over your vaping experience, and the Peach Kush terpene profile adds to both the flavor and the properties of the e-juice.

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Peach Kush Contains 25mg of Isolate, Peachy CBD E-Juice Flavoring

We know that every vaper has their own unique preferences and goals, which is why we’re excited to offer delectable, high-quality vape oils that come in bottles for those who use more advanced hardware. Pure CBD Vapors Peach Kush CBD Vape Juice 10ml 25mg allows vapers to experience all that this famous strain has to offer. All, while giving them more control over their general vaping routine.

Delectable Peach Kush Flavor

A lot of people love Peach Kush, both for its sweet, fruity flavor and its unique properties that largely come from its unique blend of terpenes. Bright, smooth and juicy, the taste of the e-liquid will keep your palate satisfied with each puff. Meanwhile, the Indica-dominant hybrid may help you feel more peaceful.

CBD Isolate

Being made with isolate means that it naturally contains the full variety of desirable compounds without the THC. These, of course, occur in the hemp plant’s flowers. You get to experience an abundance of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and nutrients that work together synergistically.

Tested for Quality

It’s extremely important that hemp companies go above and beyond to deliver pure, effective and safe products. We have each batch of hemp extract carefully tested by a third-party lab, and we make results accessible to our customers. Within these lab reports, you’ll find information about the purity, quality and chemical makeup of the extract that’s inside the e-liquid.

Exceptional Formula

We use a VG base in our e-liquids, which means that you won’t find any propylene glycol. VG helps thicken up the vapor so that as you give your body hemp, you’ll be blowing beautifully fluffy clouds.

A New Way to Vape CBD

Vaping Peach Kush CBD Vape Juice 10ml 25mg gives you more control over how you experience your daily dose of CBD, by allowing you to fill up your tank to your heart’s content, and even by allowing you to combine different flavors if so desired.

Key Features to Remember:

  • Bottle Size:  10ml
  • Potency:  25mg
  • Uses per Bottle:  ~ 10,000 puffs or 1,180 pulls/draws
  • Fills 10 1ml cartridges
  • Type:  Isolate
  • VG:  Yes
  • PG:  No
  • MCT:  No
  • Click HERE for Lab Results

Product Ingredients

CANNABIDIOL Full Spectrum (CBD) from stalk of Hemp Plant, Over 400 phyto-nutrients from the Hemp Plant, VG and Natural Flavors Added


Pure CBD Vapors

About Pure CBD Vapors 

When Pure CBD Vapors first set out to launch a CBD company, we didn’t expect to develop such a loyal following so soon. You could say that our success comes from the fact that we truly know and respect the hemp plant and all of the unique properties that it has to offer.  Therefore, each step of the manufacturing process is performed with only the highest standards in mind. Pure plant, pure product. In an industry full of pretenders, our home-grown Pure CBD Vapors brand continues to set the vape standard. You’ve seen our logo around – now it’s time to experience the product for yourself and send smooth, pristine clouds into the atmosphere. Our process begins at the farm, where we carefully source the hemp plant stalk and and preserve its 400 phytonutrients. As a full spectrum e-liquid, vapers can expect a rich entourage effect of cannabinoids and terpenes and a uniquely smoother hit that produces big clouds on exhale for a best-in-class CBD experience. Make us your one-stop shop for flavored vapes that provide solid doses of spectacular hemp extract today.
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Clarence W.
Review of Peach Kush CBD Vape Juice

I have been using this product for about 1 month now. I like the clean and fresh taste of Peach that it has. I have noticed that the vape has helped me to keep a calm and friendly attitude at work. Thanks for the product, I really appreciate it.

Jolene L.

Great flavor and smooth!

Jill A.
Nice flavor!

Nice flavor!

Kimberly H.
Great product

First time buying, and I tell you it was worth it. The flavor is nice and smooth. And the right amount of cbd to help calm the ******! I'll be ordering again soon!

Ryan H.
Amazing flavor

Awesome product, awesome flavor, great consistency. Fantastic shipping. Tastes just like you’d think!

Peach Kush CBD Vape Juice 10ml 25mg
Peach Kush CBD Vape Juice 10ml 25mg