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Nature’s Script CBD Sleep Patches


Nature’s Script CBD Sleep Patches are fast-acting and can be worn throughout the night. Catch some much needed zzz’s today

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Nature’s Script CBD Sleep Patches: Transdermally Infused with Melatonin

Nature’s Script CBD Sleep Patches are fast-acting and can be worn throughout the night. They’re infused with a blend of premium Hemp Extract and melatonin. Apply a patch 30 minutes to an hour before bed to encourage some nice zzz’s.

Using a CBD Patch is one of the easiest ways you can attain CBD’s properties and this is certainly the case with Nature’s Script CBD Sleep Patches.

Using Nature’s Script CBD Sleep Patches

  1. Tear open pouch and remove the patch.
  2. Apply the patch to an area of your skin for maximum effect (upper arm, legs, wrist, feet).
  3. Wash hands after applying and removing the patch.
  4. Wear for up to 8-12 hours, then gently peel off and remove (Do not remove patch if wet, make sure it is dry and then slowly remove).

NOTE: Do not apply patches to injured, irritated or wounded skin. Patches can be worn under clothing for discrete use but should not be covered or wrapped with anything else. For best application, do not apply patches 1 hour before bathing or 30 minutes after. You should not use our patches with a heating pad or external heat.

Applying a CBD Sleep Patch

You can apply your CBD Patch to the area desired area, whether it’s on your upper or lower body.

Key Features to Remember: 

  • CBD Patches per pack: 6
  • CBD per patch: 17mg (100mg total)
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Product Ingredients

Other Ingredients: Melatonin 3mg, Acrylic Adhesive


Nature's Script

About Nature's Script CBD

Nature’s Script CBD started with a question. How can a CBD company bring the medicinal value of the hemp plant to those who need it most? After rigorous research and development, Nature’s Script was born. This brand has quickly become an industry leader. They develop their signature formulas around loads of research and innovation within the technological aspect of the hemp industry. As a result, Nature's Script offers many unique products intended to target specific issues with the power of plant compounds. Those who are seeking out relief love their formulas that provide potent doses of hemp along with other ingredients. Organic CBD and natural botanicals combine in a product line that spans into e-liquids, pain gels, gummies, tincture oils, and even capsules, all without any unnecessary additives. You’ll find that they use carefully tested, properly extracted hemp, plus top-of-the-line extracts that offer exciting properties to the body and mind. They also have a variety of potency levels for different consumer needs. With a full suite of in-house departments, Nature's Script enjoys complete product control. On-site professional formulators, manufacturing representatives and fulfillment specialists lead the product from plant to consumer.
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Nature’s Script CBD Sleep Patches