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Maui Labs DELTA 8 Caviar Blunts 2 GRAMS (Choose Flavor)


Maui Labs Caviar Blunts – No.1 Organic Hemp Paper 2 grams Delta-8 Flower 17%CBD 10%D8

  • Dipped in Delta-8 Distillate
  • Rolled in Delta-8 Kief

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Maui Labs Delta 8 Caviar Blunts – The One and Only

We’ve been on the hunt for a better experience. The Maui Labs team has traveled far and wide in search of the best flower, extract, and paper to create our own line that will make you feel like a king. We are so proud of our product that we named it after one of the most beautiful places in the world: Maui.

Our Delta-8 infused blunts are made with organic hemp paper, which means no chemicals or pesticides go into your body – just pure natural goodness from Mother Earth herself! It’s dipped in Delta-8 Distillate and rolled in Delta-8 Kief for an extra kick.

100% Natural Terpenes With an Amazing Flavor Profile

  • Cherry Diesel X Lemon Runt: Delicious sweet cherry juice with a hint of diesel, sour lemon-lime, and tropical flavors.
  • Purple Urkle X Tru OG: Citrusy grapefruit zest mixed with pine needles for an uplifting flavor that will keep you going all day long!

Product Ingredients

Organic Hemp paper with Delta 8 distillate infused hemp


Maui Labs

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Cherry Diesel X Lemon Runtz, Purple Urkle X Tru OG

Maui Labs DELTA 8 Caviar Blunts 2 GRAMS - Cherry Diesel X Lemon Runtz
Maui Labs DELTA 8 Caviar Blunts 2 GRAMS (Choose Flavor)