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JGO CBD Gummy Sour Watermelon Slices 1500mg


Jolly Green Oil has been satisfying our candy cravings and our CBD cravings with a generous selection of hemp-infused gummies in a wide variety of flavors. JGO CBD Sour Watermelon Slices are great for anyone who yearns for that sweet and sour melon taste. These gummies are made with top-quality CBD extract that’s highly bioavailable, and they come in a variety of strengths so users can choose their ideal potency.

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JGO Sour Watermelon Slices CBD

Are you a fan of CBD gummies? Gummy candies and other edibles allow us to experience uniquely long-lasting CBD activation in the system. These JGO CBD Sour Watermelon Slices are one of the tastiest options you can choose, bursting with bold flavor while each dose gives you the hemp that you know and love.

Lip-Smacking Flavor That’s Hard to Resist

There really is something about the taste of sweet and sour watermelon that really gets that saliva flowing. And, JGO has gone above and beyond to deliver this flavor in a way that keeps the taste buds feeling satisfied beyond belief. You’ll have no trouble remembering to take these gummies daily, as each dose hits the spot.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

Jolly Green Oil has made sure to select each ingredient carefully. Hence, why these gummies are great for taking daily. Still, it’s important that one goes with a formula that’s as clean as possible. Meaning, being free of unnecessary additives and cheap fillers. When looking through the list of ingredients, you’ll find that this is an overall exceptional formula.

CO2-Extracted, Lab-Tested Cannabidiol

The quality of the cannabidiol makes a massive difference in terms of whether or not a particular edible can help you reach your goals. This brand’s use of it comes from trusted industrial hemp farmers. Plus, the CBD extract is produced using the CO2 process, ensuring fewer impurities and more bioavailability. Every batch is of course, tested by a third-party lab.

Different Potency Levels for a More Customized Routine

A great feature of these gummies is that they come in different milligram strengths. This is so  you can decide how potent you would like each piece to be. You can also customize your daily regimen according to those specific preferences and hemp-based goals.

Product Ingredients

Corn Syrup (From Corn), Sugar (From Beets), Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Lactic Acid, Pectin (Derived from Fruit), Titanium Dioxide (Color), FD&C Yellow #5, Red #40, Hemp Oil


Jolly Green Oil

About Jolly Green Oil CBD

One of the easiest ways to get people to start a daily hemp routine is to provide CBD formulas. These formulas aren’t just effective and high in quality, but tasty too. A fan favorite at Pure CBD Vapors, Jolly Green Oil has pulled off just that by producing a line of sensational edibles. Each come in the form of lip-smacking candies. Our “big green buddy” delivers more than just incredulous edibles. Their CBD Vape Oil and CBD Tincture options know how to start the hemp party too! While Jolly Green Oil CBD does value flavor, they also prioritize the quality of the hemp that they use. For one thing, their hemp batches are carefully tested for purity, and they provide lab reports to customers. They also utilize plant-based ingredients known to have properties that can help people find profound relief. JGO infuses all vape cartridges and flavors with a 99.9% pure CBD isolate. The cartridges are filled in house and the gummy edibles are tumbled in CBD frequently on-site to ensure quality and freshness. Pro tip: Double down on your order as you’ll definitely end up sharing. No matter which product you go with, you’re in for a quality CBD experience that will live up to your expectations with JGO.
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JGO CBD Watermelon 1500mg
JGO CBD Gummy Sour Watermelon Slices 1500mg