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DIAMOND – iDelta8 Softgel Capsules – 500mg or 1000mg (Choose Count)

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D8-THC iDelta8 Softgel Capsules – It comes in two sizes: 50 count (500mg) and 100 count (1000mg). View Lab Report

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iDelta8 Softgel Capsules

We’ve discovered that there are a variety of methods to introduce compounds to the human body – you don’t have an impenetrable exoskeleton protecting your various squishy bits – and that the easiest and safest approach is through your mouth. However, in order for this method to operate, the compound in issue must be packaged in a way that allows it to be delivered to your alimentary canal in a convenient manner. We were perplexed for a while, but then we discovered…the all-powerful jellybean. What a work of art in the realm of confectionery perfection! What an easy way to get glucose to the brain! The artificial flavorings were strange, but that’s a simple remedy if you turn it into a capsule instead.

As a result, we were motivated to create a softgel capsule that would deliver D8-THC to the human body. It will take longer to take effect than tinctures, vape cartridges, or flowers (assuming you don’t eat the Sour Space Candy like we do), but the effects will be substantially more strong and long-lasting due to first-pass metabolism and the pharmacological efficacy of the metabolites produced.

We don’t recommend chewing the capsules like jellybeans… It’s possible that the flavor won’t be what you’re expecting. Simply place one in your mouth, wash it down with water, and wait an hour or two to see how it affects you.



About iDELTA8

iDelta8 has given us a more intuitive way to experience the effects of this fascinating psychoactive but legal compound with a range of formulas intended to deliver the properties that we are seeking out in a bioavailable, clean, and easy-to-dose manner. They offer a stellar line of vaping products containing pure hemp extracts without any cheap cutting agents, flavoring ingredients, or fillers. The delta 8 is tested by a third-party lab and extracted using the most cutting-edge method that yield a stable, pure, and highly effective product for maximum results. iDelta8 has developed three unique formulas so that users can have an easier time getting a feel for its distinctive properties.
  • Silver: Tailored for beginners, containing a 2:1 CBD to delta-8 THC ratio, with cannabidiol’s effects offering balance to the stronger properties of the THC cannabinoid.
  • Gold: Offers a 1:1 ratio for a more balanced experience, ideal for experienced users who want a little bit of cannabidiol along with their delta-8.
  • Diamond: Contains pure delta-8 extract, for those who are ready to take a deep dive into its psychoactive capabilities.
Anyone for the most part who might be on the fence about giving delta 8 THC a try, these vapes are the perfect starting point, as you can control the effects easily while knowing exactly what to expect from each formula.
DIAMOND – iDelta8 Softgel Capsules – 500mg or 1000mg (Choose Count)

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Choose Count

50 Count (500mg), 100 Count (1000mg)

DIAMOND – iDelta8 Softgel Capsules – 500mg or 1000mg (Choose Count)
DIAMOND – iDelta8 Softgel Capsules – 500mg or 1000mg (Choose Count)
From: $34.99