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iDELTA8 Gold – 1 Gram Delta 8 Vape Cartridge + CBD 1:1 (Choose Terpenes)


iDELTA8 GOLD – 1/2 CBD 1/2 Delta 8. For intermediate users. Are you new to the future? Let us share our knowledge. Have you tried SILVER yet? Use this potency SECOND. Hemp terpenes added for authentic taste available in Blue Dream (sativa) Blackberry Kush (indica) Skywalker (hybrid) Northern Lights (indica) and MORE! Must use 510 variable voltage battery… Need one? (Click Here)



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Due to high demand for iDELTA8 products, allow 24- 48 hours manufacturing time before your order is shipped. As the products are preservative-free, inventory does not sit on a shelf.

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Lab Tested
Made in USA
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iDELTA8 Cartridge – CBD + Delta 8 in a perfect 1:1 ratio (Adjustable Air Flow – Ring on top)

iDELTA8’s Cartridge – Gold offers a 1:1 CBD to delta 8 THC ratio for those who want to vape delta 8 for its unique psychoactive properties, but want some CBD thrown into the mix to keep them grounded and exceptionally calm during the experience. These two cannabinoids are blended with terpenes to offer more synergistic value, while being available in a number of highly sought-after strains that produce specific desirable effects. The cart contains a full gram and uses a 510-thread connection to be compatible with any standard CBD vape pen.

CBD and Delta 8: A Remarkable “Golden” Standard

The Gold formula offers a 50% CBD, 50% delta 8 blend that provides a generally calm and pleasant yet psychoactive experience thanks to the manner in which these two compounds can balance each other out. It’s a formula that many delta 8 lovers stick with due to its ability to both relax the mind and produce cerebral effects that can’t be experienced with other compounds in the hemp plant. These two compounds share a synergistic relationship that can make consuming them together more beneficial than consuming them separately.

Variety of Popular Strains

The Gold cartridge comes in a variety of strains that come from the different terpene profiles that are available, which are all derived naturally. You can select an indica, sativa or hybrid strain based on the more specific types of properties that you’re looking for.

Easy to Use

This cartridge offers an extremely easy way to experience what delta-8 THC can offer. It’s disposable, and that means that when the e-liquid runs out, you can throw it out and replace it with a new one. This cartridge attaches to a vape pen easily thanks to its universal 510-threaded connection. No maintenance required.

Tested by a Third Party

iDelta8 has their hemp extracts tested by a third-party to ensure maximum quality and purity levels. They make their lab reports accessible to those who wish to learn more.

Lab Report (Click Here)

Heavy Metals Test (Click Here)

Product Ingredients

Raw CBD, Delta 8 Distillate and Exotic Hemp legal terpenes



About iDELTA8

iDelta8 has given us a more intuitive way to experience the effects of this fascinating psychoactive but legal compound with a range of formulas intended to deliver the properties that we are seeking out in a bioavailable, clean, and easy-to-dose manner. They offer a stellar line of vaping products containing pure hemp extracts without any cheap cutting agents, flavoring ingredients, or fillers. The delta 8 is tested by a third-party lab and extracted using the most cutting-edge method that yield a stable, pure, and highly effective product for maximum results. iDelta8 has developed three unique formulas so that users can have an easier time getting a feel for its distinctive properties.
  • Silver: Tailored for beginners, containing a 2:1 CBD to delta-8 THC ratio, with cannabidiol’s effects offering balance to the stronger properties of the THC cannabinoid.
  • Gold: Offers a 1:1 ratio for a more balanced experience, ideal for experienced users who want a little bit of cannabidiol along with their delta-8.
  • Diamond: Contains pure delta-8 extract, for those who are ready to take a deep dive into its psychoactive capabilities.
Anyone for the most part who might be on the fence about giving delta 8 THC a try, these vapes are the perfect starting point, as you can control the effects easily while knowing exactly what to expect from each formula.
iDELTA8 Gold – 1 Gram Delta 8 Vape Cartridge + CBD 1:1 (Choose Terpenes)

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Blackberry Kush (Indica), Blue Dream (Sativa), Northern Lights (Indica), Pineapple Express (Sativa), Skywalker (Hybrid), White Recluse (Hybrid)

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Todd P.

Idelta 1:1

Well you should know by now,that this is my vape of choice.Its 1:1 ratio balances out perfectly for a stable experience With it's Smooth taste ,and compact size ,this makes a perfect addition to anyone's daily break. Great BOGO deal makes it ez to stock up.

purecbdvapors.com iDELTA8 Gold - 1 Gram Delta 8 Vape Cartridge   CBD 1:1 (Choose Terpenes) Review
Todd P.

idelta8 Gold

The idelta8 1:1 is a perfect way to experience the full entourage of effects. The sativa strain adds that creative head space with just enough rocket fuel to attempt most tasks . Smooth taste fragrant aroma and easy to carry .Youll feel calm ,well being rather soon without any heavy adverse effects. The company is trustworthy , with customer service that is comparable to Ama---n.

Todd P.

Idelta 8 Gold

What can I say Earthlings...I'm spoiled.These vape carts are the answer to the the dull and boring. The 1:1 is great for beginners or as a morning wake and bake appetizer . jus sayin. Just the right amount of what you need for your daily .experience.You can expect your flight to take off in about 15 mins and is a good introduction into the idelta 8 line of products.

purecbdvapors.com iDELTA8 Gold - 1 Gram Delta 8 Vape Cartridge   CBD 1:1 (Choose Terpenes) Review
Dannie R.

Made my day.

My reinvigoration secret. .

Dannie R.

This is my favorite, because the taste is classic.

Exactly what tired old bones like. .

iDELTA8 Gold – 1 Gram Delta 8 Vape Cartridge + CBD 1:1 (Choose Terpenes)
iDELTA8 Gold – 1 Gram Delta 8 Vape Cartridge + CBD 1:1 (Choose Terpenes)