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Hemp Bombs CBD Beard Balm


The CBD Beard Balm from Hemp Bombs offers a whole new way to keep your facial hair looking and feeling its very best.  Formulated with lab-tested cannabidiol and a rich array of natural ingredients, this balm can soothe irritation while providing your facial hair with all of its daily moisture and nutrition needs.

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Lab Tested
Made in USA
500,000 Customers
12,000 Reviews
Solvent Free

Hemp Bombs is one of the leading companies in the hemp industry, and they offer a wide variety of useful CBD-infused products rarely found elsewhere. One of their most exciting products is their CBD Beard Balm, which combines soothing and moisturizing natural ingredients with the power of high-quality cannabidiol. This balm can be used daily to improve the overall condition of the beard, with its non-irritating and gentle formula. Meanwhile, the rich and creamy vanilla bourbon fragrance leaves you with an intoxicating aroma.

Hydrating and Nourishing Formula

If there’s one thing we know about beards, it’s that they need a whole lot of moisture to look and feel as good as possible. That’s where the CBD Beard Balm comes in. It boasts a rich variety of ingredients that work together to hydrate every strand while providing the beard with needed nutrients that support the skin and follicles.

Clean, Carefully Sourced Ingredients

Hemp Bombs has gone above and beyond to source the most nutrient-rich ingredients mother nature has to offer. This all-natural balm contains ingredients that beards love, including shea butter, avocado oil, argan oil and coconut oil.

Lab-Tested CBD in Each Application

The star of this beard balm is, of course, CBD. Hemp Bombs sources their CBD from the finest industrial hemp, and uses the CO2 extraction process to turn it into a highly bioavailable and impurity-free concentrate. Then, each batch of CBD extract is sent off to a third-party lab for a rigorous testing process that confirms its quality and purity levels.

Great for Any Beard Care Routine

If you’ve been wanting to take better care of your beard lately, this is a great product to add to your regimen. Its formula is perfect for daily use, and it can deliver noticeable improvement as far as your facial hair is concerned.

Product Ingredients

Premium CBD, argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, and beeswax


Hemp Bombs

About Hemp Bombs CBD

Head’s up! Hemp Bombs CBD is sending a flavor-blasted shock-wave throughout our industry. This Florida-based brand is quickly becoming a cult favorite among hemp enthusiasts. All thanks of course, to their whimsical packaging and blissful offerings. They carry a massive range of products incorporating numerous delivery methods. Some are targeted towards specific issues that affect many of us. Their goal, however, is to make it easier to incorporate hemp into our daily routines. No matter what it is that you’re trying to achieve with CBD, they have what you’re looking for. Plus, each batch is carefully tested for purity and quality. Basically, their CBD quality is top-notch and extracted from pesticide-free industrial hemp. Don’t take cover! Instead, take a shopping cart and fill it with capsules, gels, gummies, cold therapy treatments, tattoo ointments and even CBD oils. We’re all benefiting from Hemp Bombs’ explosion.
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CBD Beard Balm
Hemp Bombs CBD Beard Balm