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Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pen (Goji Berry) – Hempwholistix – 1ml 500mg


Searching for yet another way to experience amazing hemp and all that it’s capable of? If so, the Hempwholistix Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pen (Goji Berry) is with a beloved terpene profile. Boasting 300 puffs per pen, this is one of the very best ways to experience what delta 8 has to offer.

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Delta 8 Disposable Pen Goji Berry Strain

Have you been thinking about trying delta8? This hemp-derived cannabinoid offers an experience that’s milder than that of its big sister compound, delta 9 THC. And, this Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pen (Goji Berry) – Hempwholistix – 1ml 500mg provides you with a highly bioavailable, high-quality delta 8 e-liquid while offering one of the most convenient ways to savor those clouds of terpene-rich vapor.

Goji Berry Strain

The star of this vape pen may be delta 8, but that’s not all that you’ll find as far as the hemp plant is concerned. Hempwholistix added the terpenes that come from the Goji Berry strain, which is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its bold, fruity flavor. You’ll be licking your lips after each puff, while enjoying the unique properties that these terpenes can offer.

300 Puffs Per Pen

Each vape pen provides you with approximately 300 puffs, which means that you can expect your disposable to last for a long time.

Simple to Use, Easy to Carry

If you’re looking for the most convenient way to experience delta 8, this is the product for you. Disposable vape pens are famously user-friendly and portable. They have no buttons, and come fully charged and filled with vape juice. Further, they fit into any pocket easily, which means you’ll have no trouble traveling with your pen during the day.

High-Quality Hemp

Like all hemp extracts produced by Hempwholistix, each batch of delta 8 extract is tested by a third-party. This testing process checks to make sure that the overall quality is high, and that the purity levels meet industry standards. In other words, it’s a vape pen that you can trust.

Key Features to Remember: 

  • Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pen (Goji Berry) – Hempwholistix – 1ml 500mg: Puffs 300 /3sec puffs
  • Operation: auto draw simply inhale
  • Take 2-3 seconds between each puff or draw will burn
  • Average dosage 2-3 draws ever 6 hours
  • Do not operate heavy machinery
  • Do not take if being drug tested
  • Must be 21 years of age

Product Ingredients

Delta 8 distillate oil, PG, VG and Natural Terpenes


Hemp Wholistix

About Hemp Wholistix

Searching for an easier way to enjoy potent doses of hemp throughout the day? If so, one of the leaders when it comes to CBD Disposable Vape Pens  has arrived! Hemp Wholistix is making your CBD life a whole lot simpler. Rhey provide a line of reliable and user-friendly disposable electronic cigarettes. Not only do they offer some of the best hemp out there, but they conveniently let you select from a variety of popular strains. Hemp Wholistix disposable vape pens all contain a solid dose of pure hemp extract. Plus, each boasts a different and delicious flavor. Better yet, they’re naturally rich in an array of terpenes which are known to offer their own exciting properties. These devices couldn’t be any easier to use. They don’t require any maintenance or cleaning. Also, every pen has about 200 puffs. Overall, their purity and functionality are simply unmatched. That’s why someone who is looking for a simple method to consume CBD should try Hemp Wholistix today.
Hemp-Wholistix-Dispos-Delta-8-Goji Berry
Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pen (Goji Berry) – Hempwholistix – 1ml 500mg