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CBG Flower (1/2 .oz) CBG Ice by Americana


CBG Flower (1/2 .oz) CBG Ice by Americana won’t get you “high” but may make you feel relaxed and at ease, with an uplifted mood.

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Americana CBG Flower  Ice: Domestically Grown High-CBG Hemp Flower

CBG Flower (1/2 .oz) CBG Ice by Americana won’t get you “high”, but instead, might make you feel relaxed and at ease, with an uplifted mood. Grown organically in the Pacific Northwest, this High Hemp, premium indoor CBG flower is sure to offer up a blissful experience. There are no pesticides or Synthetic fertilizers and being 3rd party lab tested, it has  18.7% CBG 0.06% THC. Though the genetics are unknown, its taste & Aroma has a nice pungent flower that carries a distinct nose. It has a skunky aroma with an earthy undertone finish.

Here’s your chance to unwind with CBG Flower (1/2 .oz) CBG Ice by Americana by your side.

Key Features to Remember: 

  • Grown organically in the Pacific Northwest
  • High Hemp premium indoor CBG
  • No pesticides or Synthetic fertilizers
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • 18.7% CBG
  • 0.06% THC
  • Genetics: Unknown
  • Taste & Aroma: Pungent flower that carries a distinct nose with a skunky aroma containing a nice, earthy undertone finish

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Product Ingredients

All Natural Greenhouse-grown Hemp. No Pesticides


Americana Uncut

About Americana Uncut

As most people are aware, there are a lot of brands in the CBD market to choose from. However, few are remotely as dedicated to quality and variety as Americana Uncut. This Oregon-based company is renowned for their amazingly diverse selection of high-quality, hemp-infused goods. In fact, they go to enormous lengths to ensure each milliliter of hemp extract surpasses industry standards. This is done by utilizing cutting-edge technology to create the purest, cleanest and most bio-available CBD possible. Americana Uncut is primarily associated with their exceptional vape cartridges. Still, they offer so much beyond that, including pre-rolled CBD flower, beautifully formulated topical salves and even reliable flower pipes. They’re undoubtedly a leader in the hemp industry. Always coming up with new ways to help people experience some incredible satisfaction with their CBD journey. You'll quickly notice how every product has been carefully tested while containing only the finest ingredients. All Americana Uncut’s potent oils are processed from the highest quality hemp farmers across the United States. All are aligned of course, to the strictest industry guidelines. In its state-of-the-art facility, the brand’s stage-1 full spectrum oil is refined, winterized, filtered, distilled. It's then further refined to yield a golden, full profile oil of unrivaled potency. Overall, if purity, strength and exciting flavor strains are important to your hemp-based experience, look no further than these innovators.
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brian s.
CBD good USPS bad

I still haven’t received it. Tracking shows it’s still stuck in the mail. Ugh!


Yes, USPS has been backed up all month. Very frustrating.

Lola W.
CBG Flower Ice by Americana

Has a very nice taste and smell, I really like this CBG.

Steven M.
Not bad a all it's

Not bad a all it's ******* affect is very good for my lungs.

Paul T.
CBG Flower

I used the CBG flower to make an infusion with Everclear. I used part of the infusion to make gummies along with other herb extractions. So far this concoction has worked very well for sleep and ****. I plan to use again

David B.
Very happy with product thank

Very happy with product thank you 😊

CBG Flower (1/2 .oz) CBG Ice by Americana
CBG Flower (1/2 .oz) CBG Ice by Americana