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D8 Factory CBG Delta-8 Preroll Mix 1oz (Choose Strain)


Anyone who is a fan of rolling their own, but want an easier way to go about it, look no further than Delta 8 Factory’s D8 CBG Preroll Mix 1oz. It provides a full ounce of carefully ground-up flower that’s ready to go into your favorite papers. No need to pull out the grinder because they have done all the hard work for you while providing one of the finest hemp-based blends possible, which is totally free of tobacco, fillers, and other impurities. Each bag contains only pure hemp that can provide the ideal delta 8 experience of your dreams, enhanced with an equal amount of cannabigerol (CBG).


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Rolling your own is a great way to enjoy the effects of delta 8 on your terms, but the daily grind, literally, can get old. That’s why Delta 8 Factory has given us their D8 CBG Preroll Mix 1oz, which finally takes the hard work out of the process by providing you with freshly ground flower that’s ready to go so that you can get to your smoking in no time.

Pre-Ground for Easier Rolling

Delta 8 Factory has essentially created us the same mix that goes into their iconic pre-rolls, so that all that you have to do is grab your papers and roll it up. The mix is already ground so that you do not need to deal with the hassle of getting that grind just right, and the flower is as fresh as can be so that you can truly feel the effects of these desirable compounds in action.

1:1 CBG to Delta 8 Ratio

Delta 8 Factory has brilliantly created a 1:1 ratio of delta 8 to CBG, so that you can enjoy equal parts of these two popular cannabinoids. CBG is known for its potential anti-soreness activity and may work synergistically with delta 8 THC to promote a calmer and more balanced experience. Aside from these two cannabinoids, the rest of the formula is simply pure hemp flower in its raw form, naturally bursting at the seams with an abundance of useful and desirable compounds including CBD and ample amounts of terpenes and flavonoids.

Pure, Clean and Additive-Free

Within each pouch is an ounce of pure hemp, as no other ingredients are added to the formula. The flower is totally free of flavoring of any kind and contains zero tobacco, so you’ll be able to know exactly what you are putting into your body with every puff.

A Variety of Popular Strains

If that wasn’t enough, you can select this pre-roll mix in one of seven popular strains:

• Apple Jacks: Energizing hybrid strain with a sweet apple flavor.
• Jet Fuel: A powerful and invigorating hybrid with a bold diesel flavor and fast-acting effects.
• Blue Dream: Deliciously berry-flavored Sativa with both calming and uplifting properties.
• Bubble Gum: An uplifting hybrid with positive cerebral properties for enhanced mood.
• Grape Ape: An Indica-dominant strain with notes of juicy grapes and noted calming properties.
• Wedding Cookies: Sweet and pungent hybrid strain commonly prescribed for discomfort.
• Mystery: Allows Delta 8 Factory to hand-pick a strain that will keep you guessing.

Product Ingredients

CBG Flower trim, D8 Distillate, Strain specific terpenes


Delta 8 Factory

Delta8 is a fast-growing trend in our industry for a number of reasons. So, it's no wonder why that clearly, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That's why Delta 8 Factory has put all of their effort into this space. How? By producing the finest-quality delta-8 goods that you can find on the market today. Each of their products contains lab-tested hemp derived from the best crops grown by reputable farmers, and the use the most advanced extraction methods in order to produce clean, pure and bioavailable delta8 extracts that promote a balanced and ultimately satisfying hemp experience. Aside from using organic oil, their delta-8 products have balanced concentration levels, with no cutting agents. It's also their terpene profiles that really allow them to standout among the rest. Delta 8 Factory has covered a lot of ground with their lineup of delta8 THC goods. They've done so by providing a variety of delivery methods and formulas. This is o that everyone can find a product that suits their individual goals and preferences. They offer a generous array of delta 8 cartridges that combine this fascinating cannabinoid with terpenes. Each are available in various sought-after cannabis strains. Additionally, Delta 8 Factory produces some of the tastiest gummies around, along with delta8-infused flower and moon rocks, which are hemp flower buds rolled in delta-8 distillate and sprinkled with highly potent kief, which is the naturally occurring resinous trichomes that coat the flowers. All of their products are formulated with expert techniques and high-quality ingredients.

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Apple Jacks, Blue Dream, Bubble Gum, Grape Ape, Wedding Cookies, Mystery

CBG Delta-8 Preroll Mix 1oz
D8 Factory CBG Delta-8 Preroll Mix 1oz (Choose Strain)