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BIO DELTA 8 THC E-Liquid 625mg 30mL (Choose Flavor)


Looking to vape delta 8 THC in a stronger vaping system? Finally, you can grab the Bio Delta 8 THC E-Liquids 625mg 30ml, offering a formula that’s compatible with your favorite daily vaporizer device, while offering the same level of quality and strain selection as the original cartridge formula from the same brand.


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Bio Delta 8 THC E-Liquids offer a different way to experience the effects of vaping delta 8 THC. This mildly psychoactive cannabinoid has made quite a splash since it first hit the hemp scene, and now you can experience its properties while using your favorite refillable vaping system for more control over your general vaping experience.

Compatible with Refillable Setups

Some of us prefer to use a different vaping system than a 510-threaded pen and refillable cartridge, or disposable device. This bottled vape oil is exclusively compatible with any system that uses a refillable tank or cartridge, thanks to a unique base formula that properly vaporizes the e-liquid at higher output levels without damaging the integrity of the cannabinoids or terpenes in the formula.

625mg Per 30ml Bottle

Each 30ml bottle of e-liquid contains a total of 625 milligrams of hemp extract, primarily consisting of delta 8 THC along with terpenes. The hemp extract has been lab-tested by a third party to guarantee proper potency, purity, and overall quality.

Choose Your Favorite Strain

This Delta 8 vape oil comes in generous variety of popular strains so that you can further customize your experience according to the terpene profile that you desire.

Sour Diesel: An all-time classic Sativa strain known for its very potent daytime-oriented properties, paired with a lemony, diesel-like flavor profile

Sour Space Candy: A Indica-leaning strain that’s heavy on the cannabidiol, with hybrid properties and a flavor profile that really lives up to its name

Lemon OG: A fast-acting Indica-dominant hybrid with a notably skunky and citrusy flavor profile, and pleasantly balanced properties for the body and mind

Banana Kush: A bliss-inducing hybrid strain that offers the best of both worlds in terms of its effects, alongside a gratifying banana-like flavor

Tangerine Haze: A Sativa-dominant hybrid with a powerful citrus flavor and aroma, being very popular for daytime use

Bio Delta 8 THC E-Liquids are changing the way in which we vaporize our favorite mildly psychoactive cannabinoid while being among the purest and cleanest formulas available on today’s hemp scene.


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Berry Blast, Citrus Burst, Froot Loops, Watermelon Bomb

BIO DELTA 8 THC E-Liquids 625mg 30mL - Watermelon Bomb
BIO DELTA 8 THC E-Liquid 625mg 30mL (Choose Flavor)