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Bio Delta 10 THC Flower 3.5g or 7g

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Delta 10 is a fascinating cannabinoid that, like delta 8, delivers mild intoxicating properties. It can be explored through all kinds of delivery methods, but delta 10 THC flower is particularly exciting for those who want a full spectrum experience for maximum balance. And, Bio’s Delta-10 THC Flower is among the best on the market, offering up a completely plant-based, natural, and pure way to feel the effects of not only delta 10, but CBD, terpenes, and other desirable properties of the hemp plant. Available in two sizes, this flower is sealed for freshness, flavorful and lab-tested to ensure maximum quality. View Lab Test Report


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The Delta-10 THC Flower from Bio allows you to explore this new cannabinoid in a more familiar way, as it consists of raw hemp flower infused with pure delta 10 extract. Made according to strict quality standards, it’s the perfect way to introduce your body to the effects of this new and exciting cannabinoid that has got everyone talking.

Two Sizes

The Delta-10 THC Flower comes in 3.5 and 7-gram containers, both sealed properly to ensure maximum freshness of flavor and potency of compounds.

Lab-Tested for Quality

Bio is a respected brand in the hemp industry that engages in third-party testing with all of their hemp products, and this delta 10 flower is no exception. The lab reports are available so that you can see for yourself that the entire product is pure, clean and properly potent.

Free of Additives

With this flower, what you see is what you get. There are zero additives or other unwanted chemicals or materials, as it’s 100% pure hemp compounds. This means that you can savor a clean flavor and know exactly what you are putting into your body.

A Different Kind of Hemp Experience

Delta 10 is a distinctive cannabinoid with mild intoxicating effects much like delta 8, but possibly a more uplifting feeling in the body and mind. Therefore, you can understand why so many people can’t wait to get their hands on it. Enjoying it in flower form offers a full spectrum experience complete with every compound we desire from the raw hemp plant material.

A Routine on Your Terms

The flower is a highly versatile product that can be smoked, vaporized or even turned into edibles. Enjoy it on your terms, to really maximize your delta 10 experience.


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Mitchell G.
Delta 10

I recently tried the Delta 10 flower. I found it similar to regular “pot” (Delta 9) but a bit less potent and the effect doesn’t last as long. Which is exactly what I wanted. As a lifelong “pot” (Delta 9) smoker, I enjoy the act of smoking, but of late the quality has gone up and I only need a hit or two to get the buzz I want, but I want to smoke more. With Delta 10 I can, without getting wasted.

Landon S.
Bio delta 10 flower

I have really enjoyed this prodcut and have just reordered it again.

Camille K.
A really good buy

Extremely smooth, more than I expected! I was very satisfied!

Nathan E.

Get this. End of story.

Jennifer W.
Real Relief

Helped me get badly-needed relief and helped give me peace of mind, too. Pretty decent taste and a great price. I will keep buying this product.

Delta 10 3.5G Flower
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Bio Delta 10 THC Flower 3.5g or 7g
From: $24.99