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BIO DELTA 10 THC E-Liquids 625mg 30mL (Choose Flavor)


Delta 10 THC can be experienced in all kinds of ways, but if you’re rocking a refillable vaping system, you’ll want to grab the Bio Delta 10 THC E-Liquids 625mg 30ml, which let you pour vape juice directly into a tank or cartridge, in the strain of your choice. View Lab Report


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Bio Delta 10 E-Liquids provide you with the ability to enjoy your favorite mildly psychoactive cannabinoid in a refillable vaping setup of your choice, with a formula made for higher output levels. The e-liquid contains only the finest delta 10 THC extracts in addition to terpenes taken from the most iconic strains on the hemp market.

Compatible with Refillable Tanks and Cartridges

While pre-filled vape carts and disposable devices are certainly convenient, many of us enjoy the opportunity to vape hemp compounds in more advanced systems that utilize refillable tanks or cartridges. This vape oil is made specifically for these types of systems, with base ingredients more suitable to higher-output vaping without burning your precious cannabinoids and terpenes. Keep in mid formula is only for refillable systems, as it cannot be used in pre-filled carts and disposables.

625mg Per 30ml Bottle

Each 30ml bottle of e-liquid contains 625 milligrams total, providing you with the ideal concentration of delta 10 THC for maximum enjoyment, combined with terpenes that add to the flavor, aroma, and properties of the hemp extract. Of course, the formula contains only third-party tested compounds that are rated high for their purity levels.

Choose from Numerous Strain Options

Bio Delta 10 E-Liquids come in a dazzling array of popular strain options, by borrowing the terpene profiles from beloved breeds of the hemp plant and adding them straight into the vape juice formulas.

Sour Diesel: A legendary sativa strain noted for its powerful properties, alongside a flavor profile that has notes of sour lemon and diesel fuel

Sour Space Candy: An all-around great hybrid leaning toward an indica, offering up balanced properties along with a flavor profile that suits its namesake

Lemon OG: A popular indica-heavy hybrid known for coming on quickly and offering balanced effects to the mind and body, all while intriguing the palate with skunky and citrusy notes

Banana Kush: Yet another standout hybrid known for its euphoria-like properties that are great for daytime and evening, and a flavor profile of fresh bananas

Tangerine Haze: A sought-after sativa-leaning hybrid strain that’s great for daytime enjoyment, with strong notes of bright and juicy citrus

Bio Delta 10 E-Liquids offer the rare ability to enjoy this unique, new and exciting cannabinoid in your favorite vaping setup, providing the mild psychoactive buzz for which the cannabinoid is known in a more customizable way.

Product Ingredients

Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Natural & Artificial Flavoring, Hemp Extract.


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BIO DELTA 10 THC E-Liquids 625mg 30mL (Choose Flavor)

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Choose Flavor

Berry Blast, Citrus Burst, Froot Loops, Watermelon Bomb

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BIO DELTA 10 THC E-Liquids 625mg 30mL

I tried the Watermelon flavor and love it. It's flavor is very enjoyable. It's effects are pleasant. I am very happy with thi.

Robert C.

Wasn't bad Just not what I was looking for

As a calming use it works great if you vape it alone, with regular vape juice the feeling is lessened slightly unless you're constantly hitting it. I didn't mind it but I'm looking for a stronger feeling, I've used the cartridges before and that's what I'm going to order next time but for an easy relaxing feeling i recommended it.

Michael J.

Very good flavor

The flavor was good, however delta 10 levels seemed to low for any affect. Which is unfortunate because like i said the flavor is good.

Trish V.

Not worth cost

I get nothing from this, sadly

BIO DELTA 10 THC E-Liquids 625mg 30mL (Choose Flavor)
BIO DELTA 10 THC E-Liquids 625mg 30mL (Choose Flavor)