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Bio Delta 10 Gummy Bears – 10 or 20 Gummies Per Pack (Choose Mg)

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Bio’s Delta 10 Gummy Bears introduce a new cannabinoid in a familiar form with excellent gummy flavor and the perfect concentration of delta 10 THC, a relatively new cannabinoid offering a mild psychoactive experience and full absorption into the endocannabinoid system. Choose your strength and quantity and savor the delicious taste while experiencing the properties of this one-of-a-kind hemp compound.


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Delta 10 Gummy Bears from Bio offer a unique approach to exploring the distinctive properties of the new delta 10 cannabinoid, by allowing us to ingest it for a more widespread series of effects that are felt in both the body and the mind, while being particularly long-lasting due to the slower nature of this delivery method. Delta 10 is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid that may be more uplifting than delta 8, while still being a hemp derivative that’s protected under federal law. By consuming it in gummy form, you can enjoy magnificent fruity flavor and sweet tooth gratification, as the company has worked hard to develop a flavor that’s absolutely irresistible.

Like all products produced by the brand, this delta 10 extract has been properly lab-tested by a third party to ensure maximum purity and overall quality, meaning that you can trust this product as part of a regular routine.

Overall, their Delta 10 Gummies offer a particularly flavorful and long-lasting means for consuming delta 10 THC.

Product Ingredients

Other ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, corn starch, modified corn starch, gelatin, natural & artificial flavors, artificial colors including red 40, yellow 6, yellow 5, blue 1. This is for all of the d8 and d10 gummies


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Bio Delta 10 Gummy Bears – 10 or 20 Gummies Per Pack (Choose Mg)
From: $39.99