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Americana Uncut Grape Ape CBD Vape Kit (650mg or 325mg)

From: $70.00

Pure CBD Vapors is proud to offer you this Americana Uncut Full Spectrum Grape Ape CBD 65% Vape Starter Kit.

650mg is 1ml and 325mg is 0.5ml.


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Made in USA
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Americana Uncut Grape Ape: Full Spectrum CBD Oil Vape Starter Kit

One of the great things about America is the options and the freedoms we all have. Pure CBD Vapors is proud to offer you this Americana Uncut Full Spectrum Ape CBD 65% Vape Starter Kit. Americana Uncut uses only the highest grade CBD oil available in the United States. All of our CBD oils are tested for strict quality standards and all come from the finest hemp farms in Oregon, Kentucky, Colorado, North Carolina, Montana, Maine, and Vermont.

Using full-spectrum CBD oil of the highest purity, our oil has the highest potency.

To operate the vape oil cartridge, you must have a fully charged battery, which takes about two hours. You’ll screw your battery into the cartridge to use.

Pure CBD Vapors knows you’ll love this Vape Starter Kit. Order yours today!

Key Features to Remember: 

  • Choose either 650mg or 325mg
  • Choose the number of cartridges you want
  • Choose your battery color
  • Less than .3% THC
  • Comes with battery
  • Reuseable
  • Refillable
  • Perfect for beginners
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  • Press 5X FAST to turn on.
  • 2X Fast to Pre-Heat (1.8 volts) Rainbow Color. (Not Needed)
  • 3X Fast to go through heat settings. Once you find your heat setting, simply hold down button and inhale.
  • White- 2.7V
  • Blue – 3.1V (Recommended for flavor)
  • Red – 3.6V (Recommended for bigger hits)

Grape Ape – Relaxing, Happy, Sedative

Product Ingredients

b-caryophyllene, ocimene , myrcene , humulene, a-pinene, a-bisabolol, b-pinene , terpinolene


Americana Uncut

About Americana Uncut

As most people are aware, there are a lot of brands in the CBD market to choose from. However, few are remotely as dedicated to quality and variety as Americana Uncut. This Oregon-based company is renowned for their amazingly diverse selection of high-quality, hemp-infused goods. In fact, they go to enormous lengths to ensure each milliliter of hemp extract surpasses industry standards. This is done by utilizing cutting-edge technology to create the purest, cleanest and most bio-available CBD possible. Americana Uncut is primarily associated with their exceptional vape cartridges. Still, they offer so much beyond that, including pre-rolled CBD flower, beautifully formulated topical salves and even reliable flower pipes. They’re undoubtedly a leader in the hemp industry. Always coming up with new ways to help people experience some incredible satisfaction with their CBD journey. You'll quickly notice how every product has been carefully tested while containing only the finest ingredients. All Americana Uncut’s potent oils are processed from the highest quality hemp farmers across the United States. All are aligned of course, to the strictest industry guidelines. In its state-of-the-art facility, the brand’s stage-1 full spectrum oil is refined, winterized, filtered, distilled. It's then further refined to yield a golden, full profile oil of unrivaled potency. Overall, if purity, strength and exciting flavor strains are important to your hemp-based experience, look no further than these innovators.
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Additional information

CBD mg

325mg, 650mg

How Many Cartridges

1, 2, 3

Choose Battery Color

Silver, Black, Gun Metal

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Kay L.
Night Cap!

My issues are fairly different from others. I suffer from severe eczema and have tried just about EVERYTHING to calm it b/c it can be debilitating at times and ****** is a major trigger. I've read so many things about how to deal with it naturally b/c eczema adjusts to whatever you throw at it, so the effects of prescriptions eventually wear off. I'd read that others have had success with using CBD oil to calm/help relieve their eczema so I thought I'd add this to the list. While this did not help in relieving it for me, it DID help me to sleep much better as eczema seriously interrupts your sleep and I hadn't slept well in over 6 months! I couldn't believe it! It does wonders for calming as my ******* can get pretty high as well. I have even tried MJ for relief as the potency of THC is supposed to have extraordinary effects on ************ and certain *****/cellular functions, but MJ doesn't seem to like me anymore and I prefer this over MJ anyway. Same effects but much cleaner without the lethargic feeling and the nasty taste in your mouth afterwards. I looked at just about all of the products offered here and decided to go with Americana Uncut for potency, variety and specificity in terpenes/flavors. I purchased 2 vials (Grape Ape/Train Wreck). Both lasted me for about 2 months with just about daily usage. Train Wreck for the uplifting effects and Grape Ape to smooth out my days. I've been out for almost 6 months and and kept putting off getting more but really wanted it so I'm back again. Repeating the Grape Ape but going to try the OG Kush this time. If you're debating on which and what look no further than Americana Uncut. Your most difficult decision will be which flavor to try first! Enjoy!

John L.
Works great

Works great

Astrid J.
Great stuff & Fast acting!!

Fast acting and strong enough @ 65%. Help takes the "edge" off my left knee ****. Nice relaxing, calming effect as well. Stung/burned my nostrils a little (first 2 hits)....after that I was fine. Just had to get used of the "potency" (I hope and nothing else like poison or something 🤔:flushed:).

Richard G.
Loving it

Help me to relax and still be focused. Would recommend


Thank you for the share!

Hilario L.
love it

love it

Americana Uncut Distilled Grape Ape CBD 65% Vape Starter Kit
Americana Uncut Grape Ape CBD Vape Kit (650mg or 325mg)
From: $70.00