TruBlu CBD for Dogs (Bacon Flavor) 30ml 250mg CBD


TruBlu CBD for Dogs (Bacon Flavor) 30ml 250mg CBD


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CBD for Dogs (Bacon Flavor) 30ml 250mg CBD

These bacon-flavored CBD treats for dogs are a safe and healthy option for your pet.

  • Natural ingredients make for safe treats you can trust

  • CBD dog treats help to keep your pets calm

  • Dogs go crazy for the delicious bacon flavor

  • Helps to promote health and wellbeing in dogs

TruBlu’s bacon flavored CBD dog treats utilize a high-speed emulsion to create a micro-encapsulation of CBD molecules. The end result is great bio-availability that is safe and effective for treating your pooch and helping him to feel relaxed and calm. Take advantage of TruBlu’s reputation as one of the top CBD products on the market today.


  • Contains 250mg of CBD

  • A healthy and safe choice for dogs

  • Proudly made in the United States

  • Created using quality ingredients

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