Peach Kush CBD Vape Juice 10ml 25mg


  • Bottle Size:  10ml
  • Potency:  25mg
  • Uses per Bottle:  ~ 10,000 puffs or 1,180 pulls/draws
  • Fills 10 1ml cartridges
  • Type:  Full Spectrum
  • VG:  Yes
  • PG:  No
  • MCT:  No

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Peach Kush Contains 25mg of Isolate, Peachy CBD E-Juice Flavor

Lab tested for quality, the Peach Kush flavor of our house brand vape juice really comes through.   A pleasant aroma greets you as you refill your vape tank or pen, and you know the natural peach flavor will come across with every puff.    Enjoy the  full spectrum CBD benefits from this e-liquid every time you refill.

Pure CBD Vapors uses the stalk of the hemp plant to produce this vape oil.  This gives you the over 400 phytonutrients that are found there, right in your10ml bottle of Peach Kush 25mg CBD.    Using Vegetable Glycerin (VG),  you’ll get the sweet taste and pillow like vape clouds.  No Propylene Glycol (PG) is found in this e-liquid.

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Product Ingredients

CANNABIDIOL Full Spectrum (CBD) from stalk of Hemp Plant, Over 400 phyto-nutrients from the Hemp Plant, VG and Natural Flavors Added


Pure CBD Vapors

About Pure CBD Vapors 

When Pure CBD Vapors first set out to launch a CBD company, we didn’t expect to develop such a loyal following so soon. You could say that our success comes from the fact that we truly know and respect the hemp plant and all of the unique properties that it has to offer.  Therefore, each step of the manufacturing process is performed with only the highest standards in mind. Pure plant, pure product. In an industry full of pretenders, our home-grown Pure CBD Vapors brand continues to set the vape standard. You’ve seen our logo around – now it’s time to experience the product for yourself and send smooth, pristine clouds into the atmosphere. Our process begins at the farm, where we carefully source the hemp plant stalk and and preserve its 400 phytonutrients. As a full spectrum e-liquid, vapers can expect a rich entourage effect of cannabinoids and terpenes and a uniquely smoother hit that produces big clouds on exhale for a best-in-class CBD experience. Make us your one-stop shop for flavored vapes that provide solid doses of spectacular hemp extract today.
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Peach Kush CBD Vape Juice 10ml 25mg
Peach Kush CBD Vape Juice 10ml 25mg