NitroPurge™ Octane Booster Vape (1000mg) 2oz



NitroPurge™ Octane Booster CBD Vape (1000mg) 2oz

NitroPurge  It’s The Best Thing To Ever Come Out Of Your Mouth!

Product Info:

The makers of iHempCBD, bring you a new, tasty way to take CBD.

Taking CBD has never been easier than when vaping it from an electronic device that can be carried with you wherever you go. Our vapor liquid Nitro Purge™ is made with premium, natural, and artificial flavors and contains some of the highest quality CBD concentrate you can get. It’s our goal to make sure that we bring you something that we know you will like and have crafted some really tasty flavors for you to enjoy.

Our products currently come in 2 strengths, 250mg and 1,000mg of CBD. Our 1oz bottles contain 250mg, and our 2oz bottles contain 1,000mg. To better put it, the 1oz contains about 8mg of CBD per 1mL; while our 2oz contains about 17mg of CBD per 1mL.


Our product contains all natural CBD and is 100% legal to buy and sell within the US and most other countries. Full spectrum hemp CBD may contain small trace levels of THC (less than 0%), which should not cause you to fail most forms of a drug tests. Our CBD is harvested from Europe and does not contain any pesticides, fungi, bacteria, or residual contaminate solvents. All forms of CBD are safe to consume for adults, children and even pets. A medical card is not required to purchase CBD, making it available to everyone 18 years or older.

Current Flavors with Description/Ingredients:

Final Lap

Octane Booster – Peach, Green Tea, Mint + CBD, VG, and PG

“The final course is dessert, and it’s served. Enjoy flavors of ripe strawberries, rich creams and decadent cake.”

Octane Booster

“Be ready to face any day, with the smooth flavors of peach, green tea with mint.”


iHemp CBD

iHemp sounds as if Silicon Valley’s tech campuses converted to hemp farms. Truthfully, that’s not far off! This premier brand uses real science to innovate and unlock new products and uses for the world of CBD. Once harvested, their hemp is carefully processed and undergoes high-tech processing and quality testing. The resulting standardized, premium quality, ultra-concentrated CBD-rich hemp oil is then added to every CBD product in their repertoire. It’s a beautiful merger of science and mother nature that is worth every penny.

Common FAQs

Where Can I Find Reviews for iHemp CBD?

You can find real user reviews for iHemp CBD HERE.

Where is iHemp CBD Located?

iHemp CBD is located in High Point, North Carolina.

What is a CBD Dab?

CBD dabs are highly concentrated, wax-like products that require a compatible vaporizer device.  They allow for a stronger concentration in lower dosage levels.

What is iPure Concentrate?

iPure Concentrate is a super concentrated CBD extract that can be added to an existing e-liquid product to give it a very potent dose of hemp compounds.

What is NitroPurge?

NitroPurge is a uniquely potent CBD vape oil that’s strongly flavored and extremely high in the most desirable compounds found in the hemp plant.

Are iHemp CBD Products Legal?

iHemp CBD products are perfectly legal, as they are made from hemp, not marijuana.

Can I Overdose on iHemp CBD?

CBD is nontoxic to the human body, so you can consume high doses without risk of overdose.

Will iHemp CBD Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

iHemp CBD products will not make you fail a drug test, because they don’t contain high levels of THC, the psychoactive compound that is abundant in marijuana.

Which Product is Right for Me?

We recommend trying out several products from iHemp before deciding which ones you want to make part of your daily routine. Each product is unique and works with the body in a different way.

Are iHemp CBD Products Very High in Quality?

You can be confident that your iHemp CBD is high in quality as the company provides third-party lab results to customers.

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Octane Booster CBD
NitroPurge™ Octane Booster Vape (1000mg) 2oz