Neuro XPF Vape 250mg 30ml

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Neuro XPF Vape CBD 250mg 30ml

Neuro XPF™ manufactures its vape / drip product with ISOTERP™ CBD oil bonded to glycerin, using absolutely NO propylene glycol. This special process unleashes the flavonoids and terpenes of Neuro Armour’ s Vape / Drip. Without question, Neuro XPF™ is the best tasting and most bio-available / fastest acting vape product in the industry.

• Made with ISOTERP™ CBD
• Natural Plant Terpenes
• Ultra-Purified, De-waxed
• Nothing Artificial
• No Propylene Glycoling vape product in the industry.


Neuro Armour XPF

CBD is a natural fit for athletes. The effects of pushing the human body to peak performance often includes soreness, stiffness, and chronic pain. Neuro XPF is here to help them rebound. Founded by former NFL lineman Kyle Turley, Neuro XPF’s product line is geared towards athletes looking for relief without disconcerting feelings of lethargy or dysphoria. The brand’s high quality CBD serves to boost neurological function and the healing process to get athletes back to games they love. Is this just for athletes? Is Gatorade just for athletes? Neuro XPF promotes a CBD lifestyle for all, but with absolutely zero traces of THC, Neuro’s products pass any test, anytime. Get your product ordered and your head in the game.
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Neuro XPF CBD Vape Juice 30ml 250mg
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Neuro XPF Vape 250mg 30ml
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