Neuro XPF Softgels (750mg Total) 25mg per Softgel 30cnt

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Easy to swallow and great for people on the go, Neuro XPF Softgels (750mg Total) 25mg per Softgel 30cnt are a great option here at Pure CBD Vapors.

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Neuro XPF Softgels are Crafted with Terpenes and ISOTERP™ CBD

Are you looking for a convenient way to take that daily dose of CBD? Want to get a bit more assistance in terms of calmness and focus, especially during or after those intense workout sessions? If so, Neuro XPF Softgels (750mg Total) 25mg per Softgel 30cnt can be an ideal choice. These capsules are easy to swallow and can be carried with you wherever you head off to. This makes dosing on-the-go easier than ever!

Formulated with the trio of ultra-refined CBD, MCT oils, and natural terpenes provides a nice balance of natural goodness to get you through the day. Plus, these capsules have been tested by a third-party facility for quality and purity.

Key Features to Remember: 

  • Each Bottle Contains: 1500 mg of CBD
  • Amount per serving: 50 mg of CBD
  • Made with ISOTERP™ CBD
  • THC-Free
  • Nothing Artificial
  • Natural Plant Terpenes
  • Rapid Absorption
  • Supercritical CO2 Extraction Process
  • Made in the USA

Suggested Use: Simply take one capsule once a day or as needed.

Product Ingredients

MCT Oil and Ultra-refined CBD


Neuro XPF

About Neuro XPF

CBD is a natural fit for athletes. The effects of pushing the human body to peak performance often includes soreness, stiffness and chronic pain. Neuro XPF is here to help them rebound. Founded by former NFL lineman Kyle Turley, this product line is geared towards athletes looking for relief. All without disconcerting feelings of lethargy or dysphoria. Neuro XPF produces formulas for athletes and other hemp enthusiasts who need some serious plant therapy due to the conditions of their bodies. Behind this line of products is a team of experts who work hard to utilize the latest research in CBD in order to ensure that the body can reap the full benefits of these exciting and fascinating compounds. The result is a wide variety of delivery methods and concentrations so that people can find relief on their terms. Neuro XPF’s products all contain quality ingredients, clean enough to be enjoyed daily. Choose from a variety of vape oils, tinctures, topicals, soft gels and gummies. Every product provides a uniquely high dose of hemp, ensuring that you’re capable of meeting those goals. The brand’s high-quality CBD serves to boost neurological function and the healing process to get athletes back to games they love. Is this just for athletes? Is Gatorade just for athletes? Neuro XPF promotes a CBD lifestyle for all, but with absolutely zero traces of THC. Neuro’s products pass any test, anytime. So, get your product ordered and your head in the game.
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Neuro XPF CBD Softgels 25mg
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Neuro XPF Softgels (750mg Total) 25mg per Softgel 30cnt
$79.99 $54.95