Medusa CBD Vapor 500mg 15ml


Medusa CBD Vapor 500mg 15ml




Medusa CBD 500mg is almost the highest level of CBD vapor you can buy. You only need to take a few hits to feel the effects.

CANNABIDIOL (CBD) from stalk of Hemp Plant..100% organic VG and all natural flavoring added.
Over 400 phytonutrients exist in Hemp Plants, with Medusa CBD  your getting  the highly sought after CBD Oil.

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  1. Graham W


  2. Sonya

    This one is by far the best. I sleep like a baby!

  3. Arta (verified owner)

    I think you guys sent me the wrong juice I seriously hope not! Mine has a different logo and flavor is called NaPom

    • AnthonyB

      Medusa has a new label. That is the correct product!

  4. alex.p9990

    How much mg does it have in 1.5 ml ?

    • Pure CBD

      49.99 mg of CBD per 1.5ml.

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