JGO CBD Sourpatch Watermelon Gummies 250mg


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Simple, sour perfection comes in the form of these Sourpatch Watermelon CBD gummies.

  • Each piece contains 50mg

  • Packages contains 5 pieces for a total of 250mg of CBD

  • This product is lab-tested

  • Contains no THC

JGO is known for its incredible CBD candies and their Sourpatch Watermelon Gummies are no exception! Each watermelon slice contains 50mg of high quality CBD, ensuring that you can enjoy your daily dose of CBD while also enjoying the incredible taste of sour watermelon. This package is small and easy to transport, making it simple to tuck away pretty much anywhere so you can take one out and enjoy it during your day. Order yours right here at Pure CBD Vapors!

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Jolly Green Oil

About Jolly Green Oil

A fan favorite at Pure CBD Vapors, Jolly Green Giant is a small batch candy store and more. Get lost in this online aisle of CBD Gummy Worms, Bubble Gum, Sourpatch Watermelons, Peach Rings and Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Our big green buddy delivers more than just incredulous edibles, as the e-juice options know how to start the CBD party too. Be sure to give the top-selling Froot Loop e-liquid cartridge a look for a nostalgic taste that rewinds the clock. Jolly Green Giant infuses all vape cartridges and flavors with a 99.9% pure CBD isolate. The cartridges are filled in house and the gummy edibles are tumbled in CBD frequently on site to ensure quality and freshness. Pro tip – double down on your order as you’ll definitely end up sharing.
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A 250mg package of JGO CBD Sourpatch Watermelon Gummies
JGO CBD Sourpatch Watermelon Gummies 250mg