Inspire Juul Compatible Vape Starter Kit 150mg


Inspire Juul Compatible Vape Starter Kit 150mg


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This perfect starter kit contains everything you need to Inspire Relaxation!


  • 1 Inspire Relaxation CBD Vape Pod – 150MG

  • 1 Inspire Battery & Charger Kit



Verb • To instill positive feelings;



Vape Bright invites you to Inspire Relaxation through the unity of Kava and high potency organic Hemp Oil. Known for its calming and stress relieving properties, Kava has been used in traditional remedy for centuries. With this innovative and efficient delivery format, there is one thing left to do: Inhale and Relax

  • No PG

  • No VG

  • No Nicotine


The most innovative battery in CBD vaporization, this pod capable battery offers a sleek design and maximum efficiency.


  • 220mAH battery with battery life indicator

  • No button just inhale and enjoy!

  • Long battery life, giving you over 100 inhalations

  • Fast and easy re-charging in any USB port (30 minutes)