Hempzilla Ki DEVICE PEN & Ki PODS STARTER KIT (Choose Flavor)

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Hempzilla Ki Kit: CBD Pod System with Flavored CBD Vape Juice Pods

Starter Kit comes with Ki Device and your choice flavor of Ki Pods.

Superior Technology
Unmatched Performance
Stylish appeal
2 times more liquid than leading brands per pod

The big results that come from the small packaging of the Hempzilla Ki Device CBD Pen are impressive. Welcome to a brand new way to get the most out of your CBD vaping experience. The Ki Device Pen delivers as much as two times more liquid than leading CBD pods, giving you more value per pod and per mL. Charging in as little as 20 minutes, and ready to use while charging, the Ki Device Pen from Hempzilla is a cutting-edge CBD vaping pen. Add in its advanced variable internal heating element and the fact that it is compatible with all pod contents including nicotine pods and more, chances are good the Ki is right for you.

Kí Battery & Pod Specs

Length: 25.5mm
Width: 11mm
Height: 83mm
Pod Capacity: 1.6mL
Weight: 6g
Coil: Ceramic 1.5Ohm
Battery: 400mAh
Output Voltage: 3.4V constant power
Charging: Micro-USB


Product Ingredients

Hempzilla proprietary blend CBD, Vegetable glycerin, propylene Glycol with Natural flavorings (mango, strawberry, watermelon).


Hempzilla CBD

About Hempzilla CBD

Uncage the natural powers of full spectrum CBD with Hempzilla. This Colorado-based industry beast puts a premium on hemp quality. How? By using only organic, non-GMO hemp grown under the supervision of the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Fed by the Colorado sun and rocky mountain spring water, Hempzilla’s clean plant-to-product approach and c02 extraction unleashes optimal flavor and potency across a range of delivery methods. They provide lab reports that come from third-party testing facilities. Their claim to fame is their absolutely amazing CBD e-liquids and CBD Compatible JUUL and Koi Devices Pods that come in unique flavors. Each captivates any hemp user’s taste buds. Recently they begun dabbling in the world of CBD flower buds, bringing their obsession with hemp quality full circle. Hempzilla CBD doesn’t stop there, either. Their CBD gummies are renowned for their clean and delicious taste. With a growing reputation for flavor and quality, Hempzilla is well on its way to its mission of taming the beast in the CBD marketplace. Pure CBD Vapors is excited to assist its ‘Colorado-proud’ mission.
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Hempzilla Ki DEVICE PEN & Ki PODS STARTER KIT (Choose Flavor)
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Hempzilla Ki DEVICE PEN & Ki PODS STARTER KIT (Choose Flavor)
$54.99 $39.99