Hemplucid’s CBD Body Butter 1000mg


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If you’re in the market for a CBD body butter, this option from the much-beloved Hemplucid is a winner.

  • Formulated with an ultra-purified and de-waxed concentrate

  • Designed to leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed

  • Leaves no oily residue on your skin

  • This CBD cream is a customer favorite

Hemplucid’s CBD Body Butter is handmade, and formulated using an ultra-purified and de-waxed Hemplucid concentrate. The nourishing combination of shea butter and cocoa butter will leave your skin soft and silky. A favorite of our CBD store, this body cream absorbs in minutes and leaves no oily residue. Enhanced with CBD and other phtyo-cannabinoids, phyto-nutrients (plant nutrients), and healthy moisturizing fats, Hemplucid Body Butter will calm and refresh your skin. You’re sure to see and feel the difference in your skin’s health with Hemplucid Body Butter, a CBD-enhanced multi-purpose cream. Order yours today!

  • Contains 1,000 mg

  • Enhanced with CBD oil

  • Absorbs quickly

  • Calms and refreshes your skin

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Hemplucid continues to write the book on the natural hemp lifestyle. Whole plant methods and clear bottles. They way they see it, nature is providing a wonderful product and it should be presented the way nature intends. This means plants that originate in Colorado from experienced growers and CoAs published on every batch of product. It means a dedication to providing lucid info to help people understand and experience the benefits of the hemp plant in their lives. And it means constant innovation in new products, without sacrificing the integrity or synergistic qualities of the natural plant. If you want your eyes opened to the powers of CBD, Hemplucid is able and willing to enlighten.
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Hemplucid's CBD body butter for calming and refreshing skin.
Hemplucid’s CBD Body Butter 1000mg