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Enjoy targeted relief from aches and pains with this top-selling CBDA lotion.

  • Enjoy the unique benefits of CBDA

  • Simply apply as needed to any areas that are sore

  • Citrus smell leaves you feeling invigorated

  • Can provide relief from aches, pains, and soreness

You’ve tried CBD products, but you’re ready for something a little different. Hemplucid’s CBDA lotion just might be the answer. Thought by many to offer wholly unique benefits, its citrus scent leaves skin feeling luxurious as it soothes aches and pains. A top-seller in our CBD store, this lotion is sure to please. Order today and see for yourself!

  • Contains 1,000mg

  • CBDA provides a unique cannabinoid formulation

  • Enjoy the benefits of absorption through the skin

  • Leaves skin feeling luxurious

This lotion smells faintly of citrus and leaves the skin feeling luxurious. Take it with you everywhere, but don’t let it get too hot, as heat will cause separation. It is an oil-based product that can stain clothing, so please use caution.

There has been little clinical research done on this form of the cannabinoid, but it is already thought to have unique benefits.



Hemplucid continues to write the book on the natural hemp lifestyle. Whole plant methods and clear bottles. They way they see it, nature is providing a wonderful product and it should be presented the way nature intends. This means plants that originate in Colorado from experienced growers and CoAs published on every batch of product. It means a dedication to providing lucid info to help people understand and experience the benefits of the hemp plant in their lives. And it means constant innovation in new products, without sacrificing the integrity or synergistic qualities of the natural plant. If you want your eyes opened to the powers of CBD, Hemplucid is able and willing to enlighten.
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