Green Garden Gold Smooth Skin Serum 300mg



Liposomal Technology For Maximum Penetration and Absorption

Our Smoooth™ CBD facial serum utilizes liposomal technology to deliver its beneficial properties deeper and with higher penetration than others. With most cosmetic creams and facial serums, your skin absorbs only the tiniest fraction of the serum’s properties due to your skin’s own defenses. However, with liposomal technology, we utilize liposomal microspheres that deliver many powerful and beneficial compounds deep within your skin. These microspheres trap our facial serum ingredients inside a protective envelope, which increases the serum’s penetration and allows the serum to work much more deeply beneath the epidermis. Liposomal technology has proven to improve absorption between seven to nine times more than standard delivery methods (pills).


Smooth Serum, 300mg


Green Garden Gold

As CBD aficionados, we’re constantly digging through the pretenders to find the real players. Sometimes we hit gold, and Green Garden Gold fits the mold. From 2014, Green Garden Gold has continued to impress with innovation and its ever-expanding portfolio of products. GGG doesn’t just have one of the best CBD names on the market; they carry some top-grad CBD oil too. Don’t stop there, as the gummies, capsules, and concentrates all perform well. Shopping for a dog-friendly solution? Green Garden Gold is a pup’s best friend, with hard treats, soft chews, tincture drops and CBD formula all on the menu. Shop your CBD needs here, and throw your dog a bone too.
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