CBD For The People – NOIDS™ 2-GO! (10 ct softgels) 250mg CBD



CBD For The People – NOIDS™ 2-GO! (10 ct softgels) 250mg CBD – 25mg of CBD per Noid.

Have you ever had an UNREFINED full-spectrum CBD capsule?  …Probably not.
  Welcome to NOIDS™  by CBD For The People.  “The RAWEST, most POTENT CBD capsules on the market.” Why are they SO DARK you say? Because they’re made of 100% UNREFINED full-spectrum CBD! 100% chemical and preservative FREE! Full-spectrum CBD is NOT created equal. CBD is DARK when extracted from the hemp plant. This is the RAW, UNREFINED state. It takes a lot of refining to make the oil GOLDEN and PRETTY like most other companies on the market. Cannabinoids, nutrients, and terpenes are LOST at EVERY STAGE of the refining process.  Basically, the darker the oil the better! DARK, Unrefined, full-spectrum CBD contains the MOST cannabinoids,  the MOST terpenes, and the MOST plant nutrients over any GOLDEN REFINED oil. We keep it REAL dark, REAL raw and REAL potent.UNREFINED = REAL RESULTS!

As always, we continue to offer amazing products that are AFFORDABLE For The People. If you trust our brand and are familiar with our products…. hey, we haven’t let you down yet… =] Grab yourself some NOIDS and keep it RAW, the way nature intended.
  Suggested Use: Take 1-2 capsules daily. Increase as needed. Click HERE for Lab Results.


CBD For the People

Everyone deserves a lifestyle relaxed by CBD. FOR THE PEOPLE is here to make that happen, and Pure CBD Vapors is stoked to stand with them. FOR THE PEOPLE is driven by engineering top-notch full-spectrum CBD products without compromising accessibility and affordability. Certified non-GMO and organic with Co2 extraction methods and testing 100% free of solvents and pesticides, FOR THE PEOPLE checks all the boxes of a premium brand without the premium price. They’re more concerned with making CBD available to anyone who wants it, and less concerned with the bottom line. That’s an ideology we can get behind. If these guys ran for Congress, they’d get our vote.

Common FAQs

Where Can I Find Reviews for CBD For the People?

CBD For the People gives access to real user reviews HERE.

Where is CBD For the People Located?

CBD For the People produces all of their products in the United States.

Does CBD For the People Use the CO2 Extraction Method?

CBD For the People uses the CO2 extraction method when producing their CBD products.  This extraction method ensures a purer and more stable product.

What are Noids?

Noids are gel capsules that contain a potent dose of hemp extract.

What Does Uncut Mean in Relation to Vape Oils?

CBD For the People produces uncut CBD vape oil, meaning that they don’t water down their hemp extract with unnecessary filler ingredients.  This allows for a more potent product.

Are CBD For the People Products Legal?

All of CBD For the People’s products are legal because they come from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant.

Do CBD For the People Products Contain Terpenes?

CBD For the People offers a wide variety of CBD products that contain terpenes.  Terpenes are plant compounds with unique properties of their own.

What Do Milligram Strengths Mean?

The milligram strength of a CBD For the People product refers to the concentration of hemp extract in a particular product.

What Happens When I Vape a CBD Product?

Vaping CBD is the quickest way to feel the plant compounds at work.  This is due to the fast absorption rate of inhalation.

Are CBD For the People Products Tested?

All CBD For the People products are carefully tested by third-party laboratories.

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CBD For The People – NOIDS™ 2-GO! (10 ct softgels) 250mg CBD