Donkey Pops CBD Honey Oil Sticks allow you to savor the taste of farm-fresh honey, while giving your body quality hemp that you know and love.

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Believe it or not, CBD just got a little sweeter. Donkey Pops CBD HONEY OIL STICKS 25 PACK (375MG TOTAL) Sticks allow you to savor the taste of farm-fresh honey, all while giving your body quality hemp. Each stick of honey counts as a full dose of CBD, providing 15 milligrams of this sensational plant compound that’s naturally derived from industrial hemp.

These edibles are a breeze to take anywhere. They can be taken on their own, but you’ll likely have more fun finding ways to incorporate them into your daily routine. You can do so by mixing them with your favorite snacks or beverages. Whichever option you choose, these serve as a highly versatile hemp product that make it easy to plan out your daily dose.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your pack of CBD Honey Oil Sticks today!

Key Features to Remember:

  • Every Honey Stick Contains 15mg of CBD
  • Pack of 25 Sticks Equals 375mg Total
  • Contains Organic Honey from Bedillion Honey Farms
  • Adds a Little Sweetness to Any Snack

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Donkey Pops

About Donkey Pops Edibles

When shopping for a new CBD brand to try, you’ve gotta look for a few things. First, you want to know that the products are tested by a third-party laboratory. Second, a bit of background to find out whether they’re hemp advocates or just trying to capitalize off of the trend is important. Well, Pure CBD Vapors is pleased to inform that Donkey Pops edibles exceeds expectations. Their stunningly high-quality line comes from a genuine desire to help others find relief with the power of hemp. Created in 2016, Donkey Pops Edibles understands that one of the best ways to get people started on CBD is to appeal to their sweet tooth. Well, they’ve done just that. Their blissfully flavorful lollipops and honey sticks are simply amazing. These hemp-based products aren’t just made with top-notch hemp. They also contain high-quality ingredients, providing a satisfying flavor every time. No brand is having more fun with CBD than these guys. In fact, their products don’t just pass lab tests for strength and quality; they pass the eye and flavor exam for sweet deliciousness, too.
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