Airbender JUUL Compatible 200mg Hemp Pod – Original

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Airbender JUUL Compatible 200mg Hemp Pod – Original is a full spectrum of phytocannabinoids extracted from hemp.


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Airbender JUUL Compatible Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Pod

Airbender JUUL Compatible 200mg Hemp Pod – Original is a full spectrum of phytocannabinoids extracted from hemp. It’s conveniently contained in a 1mL pod tank for your vaping pleasure. For those who may not be aware, JUUL is the most well-known vaping manufacture here in the United States. They have created numerous disposable pod devices and open pod system with  an array of cartridge flavors.

So, it was only a matter of time before their compatible line of CBD pods were created. The Airbender Pod’s rich cannabinoid content that consists of 200 milligrams, is simply amazing. Plus, its convenient, discreet size makes for a great way to maintain a baseline cannabidiol dosage throughout your vaping day.

Just a few draws of this CBD vape is all that you will need. Get get yours today at Pure CBD Vapors!

Key Features to Remember:

  • Compatible with Your JUUL Device
  • 1 Pod Cartridge per Pack
  • Enjoy up to 250 Puffs with your JUUL device
  • 200mg of Phytocannabinoids per Pod
  • Pre-Filled with 1mL of Hemp Oil Extract
  • Original Flavor
  • Natural-Flavored Hemp Oil
  • An Excellent Substitute to Tobacco Smoking
  • Zero Nicotine

Product Ingredients

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Propylene Glycol, and Natural Flavoring


CBD Drip/Eco Sciences

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Airbender JUUL Compatible 200mg Hemp Pod - Original Flavor
Airbender JUUL Compatible 200mg Hemp Pod – Original
From: $14.99