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Can the full power of the hemp plant be contained in a single capsule? NOIDS have arrived to unleash this potential. The rawest CBD capsule on the market is the result of an unrefined process that preserves the plant’s terpenes, cannabinoids and nutrients. If you’re going to go full spectrum, take it all the way with NOIDS.

Many CBD capsules products lining the shelves present themselves with a transparent golden hue. Pretty, but is it natural? Many purists believe that the dark the oil, the more potent the experience. NOIDS’ signature midnight green look is the result of a completely unrefined extraction, leaving the CBD concentrate loaded with naturally occurring plant nutrients. So what exactly stays caged in the capsule? A full spectrum cannabinoid profile, natural terpenoids, omega 3,6,9 essential fatty acids, natural hemp chlorophyll, and other natural phytonutrients.

This natural blend keeps the CBD experience real dark, real raw, and real potent. Unleash the full power of the plant with NOIDS.

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