CBD Gum is the cannabidiol gift that keeps on giving. Chew through the daily grind of life with a pack of carefully measured CBD gum, piece by piece, day by day. Could accessing the benefits of CBD this way be any easier? We’re all pros at chewing gum, so stock up and enjoy convenient and fast CBD absorption in a familiar method. For a tutorial on how to chew gum, please revisit your childhood.
A nice alternative to pills, capsules and gummies, CBD Gum sounds like an edible but performs like a tincture. The infused CBD is absorbed orally and sidesteps the digestive system, making CBD Gum a much more bioavailable delivery system than, say, CBD Gummies. Those aches, pains, and overall mood will experience CBD’s relief and positive vibes much quicker, without the potency fallout commonly associated with the breakdown of CBD in the digestive system. Chew, keep on chewing, and enjoy the CBD kick.

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  • JGO CBD Bubble Gum 250mg

    JGO CBD Bubble Gum 250mg

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