CBD for Dogs

Let’s keep those tails wagging. CBD can help with that. Like a prolonged belly rub, dogs respond happily to the benefits of cannabidiol – much in the same way that humans do accordingly to early studies and product testimonials. It’s on owners to make sure that their pet’s quality of life stays at an all-time high. Stimulating appetite, decreasing anxiety, inducing rest, managing inflammation or pain, easing the symptoms of aging – all perfectly fine reasons that nominate your dog as a candidate for a CBD lifestyle.

Many of the best CBD brands on the market are turning to man’s best friend with CBD infused treats that sound good enough to eat. CBD concentrates and oils can be used as well. As with people, it’s recommended to start small with the dose, monitor your pup’s response, and adjust accordingly. Dogs have unique personalities; owners know that no two furry friends are alike. There are many dosage charts and formulas for owners to reference, but the truth is that no one knows your furry friend like you. Make sure to select a high-quality CBD that is pesticide-free and lab-tested for purity and your pet will be on its way to a happier, healthier life. Still on the fence? Have a chat with your veterinarian and see if CBD treatment can put your dog on a better path. Remember that they’re here for a good time, not a long time!

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