CBD for Animals

CBD for Animals, because when it comes to delivering benefits, this compound doesn’t discriminate. We’re all animals here. We all have moods, and animals, like humans, just function better when those moods are at an all-time high. That’s where CBD tags along. Early results suggest that animals can respond to CBD in step with humans thanks to similar interplay with endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and nervous, digestive, and immune systems. Is your dog or cat a candidate for CBD? Probably! Stimulating appetite, decreasing anxiety, inducing rest, managing inflammation or pain, easing the symptoms of aging – all perfectly fine reasons to see if a CBD lifestyle is right. 

For pets like dogs and cats, make sure to select a high-quality CBD that is pesticide-free and lab-tested for purity. Your pal deserves the best! Fortunately, we carry a variety of CBD pet product that have separated themselves from the pack. After that, it’s all about establishing a base dose. Start with a small dose and closely monitor your pet’s reaction over the hour after administering. Is a calming effect settling in? Hopefully your little pal is beginning to enjoy mild levels of relaxation. If not, you may want to provide additional CBD. Continue to observe and make note of what works. 

Don’t stress! If your pet appears noticeably lethargic after a larger dose, just ease back on the intake next time. Experimenting to find your pet’s comfort levels is part of the process. If your pet has existing medical conditions that require medication, feel free to talk to your vet about any drug interaction concerns.

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