CBD Chocolate Pretzels

Not all CBD edibles are created equal… or chocolate-covered, for that matter. Sweet, salty and soothing, there’s no better combo to snack on than a handful of CBD Chocolate Pretzels. Crunch your way to the benefits of cannabidiol with a classic favorite that enjoys a culinary twist of CBD. If you like pretzels, and you like CBD, these savory pretzel bites will be right at home in your kitchen cabinet. Keep them to yourself or set out a bowl to score unforgettable host points at your next gathering.
With snackable edibles like these CBD Chocolate Pretzels, the dosing experience has never been so satisfying. Check the packaging for the total CBD dose and recommended serving size, nibble away, and eliminate hunger while alleviating stress and activating relaxation. With the mood-boosting, ache-reducing powers of CBD baked into each bite, you’ll never be ‘hangry’ again.

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