1500mg CBD

1500mg CBD products angle towards the more seasoned CBD user, or perhaps those seeking more effective relief from a variety of physical ailments that CBD is known to potentially target. Body mass is a contributing factor to CBD’s effectiveness, so a higher milligram concentration (such as 1500mg) is commonly recommended for larger body types. For those who don’t want to tiptoe around the benefits of cannabidiol, a 1500mg product is definitely a winning number.

A universal CBD dosage doesn’t exist, but your ideal intake does! It starts here, with this milligram count. This is the measured amount of CBD strength stored in the entire bottle. To calculate the strength of an individual capsule, edible, tincture or vape tank, take this number and divide among the edible count or e-liquid refill. While the strength of a single dose varies according to the total mg strength and the size of the bottle, it’s generally true that the bigger the number, the stronger the serving.

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