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CBN Vape and CBD don’t just share 2 out of 3 shorthand letters – they double-up on a few health and wellness benefits by addressing pain relief and anxiety. Then again, they do it in different ways. CBD remains captain of the mood-boosting, relaxation-inducing calm state, and it achieves this by triggering non-psychoactive receptors. Conversely, CBN Vape is mildly psychoactive and acts as a powerful sedative – the most powerful cannabinoid as suggested by recent studies. It’s also believed that CBN can stimulate the appetite.

How much CBN recommended?

Now that CBN’s super-hemp sleep powers have been unearthed, the question remains: what’s the right dose? Fortunately, like all cannabinoids, the side effects associated with large doses are tame. It appears that at its most ferocious, CBN could floor the user with drowsiness and reduced appetite. 

The correct way to approach CBN, as with CBD, is to take it easy. Start with a mild dose and monitor the effects until the desired vibe settles in. Chances are that CBN is being used as a sleep-aid. If that’s the case, then up the dose until that REM cycle is grooving just right. As always, feel free to consult a physician with any general questions or about using while on other medications. Now, get out there and catch those ZzZz’s.

Common FAQs

The Big Difference Between CBD & CBN

While CBD and CBN both get their users to a relaxed state, these two hemp compounds do it in different ways by targeting different receptors in the body. CBD remains king of the mood-boosting, relaxation-inducing calm state, and it achieves this in a non-intoxicating manner.
On the flipside, CBN is mildly psychoactive and can act as a powerful sedative – perhaps the most powerful cannabinoid as suggested by recent studies. Picture a psychoactive spectrum with CBD on one end (not intoxicating, essentially not psychoactive) and THC on the other (psychoactive and intoxicating). CBN is in between; closer to CBD but still on the spectrum.
It’s also suggested that where CBD can suppress one’s appetite, CBN has been shown to stimulate. Remember munchies? CBN might have you reliving the glory days of raiding the cupboard.

What are the effects of CBN?

Of the more than 100 naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, CBN (Cannabinol) has up-and-coming knockout potential. Mildly psychoactive with presumed sedative qualities, certain studies have identified CBN as the most sedative cannabinoid of them all. Heat it, vape it, find a recliner, and make sure you have that snooze button set. More research is underway, but early returns suggest the following benefits:
Deeper Sleep: known as the ‘sleep’ compound
Stimulated Appetite: munchies without the high
Anti-Inflammation: for those suffering from arthritis or similar conditions, CBN might target pain
Antibacterial: shown to combat certain strains of bacteria
It’s clear that CBN is earning a place in the in the cannabis compound medicinal standings, and we only expect it’s rank to jump as time rolls on and its interactions with the body are revealed.

Will CBN Make You High?

You won’t find that stoney high with CBN. It’s just not in the cards, or the chemical composition. You’ll have to another cannabis compound to achieve that, such as THC… which is interesting considering that CBN is a byproduct of THC (the compound is actually formed when THC oxidizes over time). This is the reason that aged cannabis is high in CBN content. Now that companies are able to isolate pure CBN and bring products to market, people can enjoy the non-intoxicating benefits of the compound without taking THC along for the ride. Bottom line? Although CBN’s predecessor has different intentions, this compound will not get its users high.

Is CBN Legal?

CBN is many things, including underhyped and overshadowed by other more notable and researched cannabis compounds. Another thing CBN is? Legal. CBN will not get its user high. It might be more difficult to extract and harder to find on the marketplace shelf, but expect that to change as more studies continue to unearth its powerful medicinal benefits.

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