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Flavor fiend or cloud chaser? The effects of PG, VG, & MCT in vapes.

Before the CBD extract can grow up into a big cloud, it must first be turned into an effective vape oil. As CBD extract can be highly concentrated and too thick to operate in a vape pen, many products introduce a dissolving agent to dilute the solution, give it mobility and create a few other performance tricks as well.

E-liquid flow. By thinning out the original extract, the solution becomes an e-liquid capable of traveling through the vape pen. If the substance is too thick, it may clog, burn, and not vaporize properly.
CBD volume. The thinning agent is used to increase the volume of the solution, creating a longer-lasting CBD experience..
Cloud cover. That’s right, the thinning agent has a lot to say about those plumes on exhale.

What are these dissolving agents?

Vegetable Glycerin (VG): popular with so-called cloud chasers, VG delivers a smoother hit while producing big clouds on exhale. Thicker than PG with a sweet hint, it’s also reportedly less-allergenic.
Propylene Glycol (PG): a favorite with flavor fiends, PG is a better vessel for flavor additives as it has no flavor but carries a slightly harsher throat hit. As one of the thinnest solvents available, it transforms into vapor most effortlessly.
Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT): this flavorless, highly refined food grade oil is derived from palm kernels and coconuts. mixes well with flavors. 

Because these dissolving agents produce different effects, many vape oil products lean into a ratio designed to offer the best of worlds. Read the labels and find your blend.

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