CBD Vape Oil

Regular & High Strength Vape Oil

CBD Vape Oil

Regular Strength Vape Oil

Regular Strength Vape Oil

Common FAQs

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E-Juice Infused With CBD Hemp Oil

E-Juice Infused With CBD Hemp Oil Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the least active cannabinoids found in the cannabis family, accounting for around 40% of the plant’s total extract. CBD also has a broader range of potential medical applications compared to THC (delta-nine-tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD has a low affinity for CB1…

What are the Potentials of CBD Vapor?

What are the Potentials of CBD Vapor? Cannabis and hemp plants contain several active compounds called cannabinoids. CBD and THC, for example, interact with the human endocannabinoid system (EDC) to produce a variety of potential therapeutic effects. Uses of CBD CBD has a broad scope of potential applications and is…

High Strength Vape Oil

High Strength Vape Oil

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Common FAQs

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What are the Potentials of CBD Vapor?

What are the Potentials of CBD Vapor? Cannabis and hemp plants contain several active compounds called cannabinoids. CBD and THC, for example, interact with the human endocannabinoid system (EDC) to produce a variety of potential therapeutic effects. Uses of CBD CBD has a broad scope of potential applications and is…

Is CBD E Liquid Safe?

Is CBD E Liquid Safe? As a business, you may be looking for new products, ones that will both interest customers and keep them coming back. Safety is also a priority, as you do not want to stock anything that can harm, injure, or negatively impact one’s health. The move…

Flavor or cloud chaser? The effects of PG, VG, & MCT in CBD Vape Oil.

Before the CBD extract can grow up into a big cloud, it must first be turned into an effective vape oil. As CBD extract can be highly concentrated and too thick to operate in a vape pen, many products introduce a dissolving agent to dilute the solution, give it mobility and create a few other performance tricks as well.

E-liquid flow. By thinning out the original extract, the solution becomes an e-liquid capable of traveling through the vape pen. If the substance is too thick, it may clog, burn, and not vaporize properly.

CBD volume. The thinning agent is used to increase the volume of the solution, creating a longer-lasting CBD experience..

Cloud cover. That’s right, the thinning agent has a lot to say about those plumes on exhale.

What are these dissolving agents?

Vegetable Glycerin (VG): popular with so-called cloud chasers, VG delivers a smoother hit while producing big clouds on exhale. Thicker than PG with a sweet hint, it’s also reportedly less-allergenic.

Propylene Glycol (PG): a favorite with flavor fiends, PG is a better vessel for flavor additives as it has no flavor but carries a slightly harsher throat hit. As one of the thinnest solvents available, it transforms into vapor most effortlessly.

Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT): this flavorless, highly refined food grade oil is derived from palm kernels and coconuts. mixes well with flavors. 

Because these dissolving agents produce different effects, many vape oil products lean into a ratio designed to offer the best of worlds. Read the labels and find your blend.

The Best CBD Vape Products: Vape Oil, E-Liquid, Vape Juice

We’ve sought out the best brands of organically sourced hemp-derived CBD Vape. We highly recommend trying our house brand — Pure CBD Vapors vape oil. Other brands we sell include IHL vape oil, Active CBD Oil, Blue Moon Hemp vape oil, Hemp Bombs CBD E Liquid, Nature’s Script CBD E-Liquid, Hemplucid CBD Vape Oil, JGO Vape E Juice, Dank Labs CBD vape oil, KOI CBD vape oil, Medusa CBD Vapor, Neuro XPF vape oil, NitroPurge Final Lap vape oil, Hempzilla vape juice, and CBD60 vape oil.

If you are new to vaping CBD, you can start off low and slow with 25 mg and 50 mg Regular Strength Vape Oil. If you want a bit more of a kick, check out our High Strength Vape Oil in 100 mg, 250 mg, 400 mg, 500 mg, or 1000 mg.

If you are new to vaping or need help choosing the right brand or strength, contact us and we’ll help guide you to the ultimate CBD vape experience.

Common FAQs

  • What Makes Vaping CBD Unique?

    When we vape CBD, the natural compounds in hemp become bioavailable very quickly, allowing us to have a fast-acting hemp experience compared other methods.

  • What is in CBD E-Liquid?

    CBD e-liquid contains hemp extract in addition to vegetable glycerin, and other proprietary ingredients that allow the hemp extract to be turned into smooth vapor.

  • Does Vaping CBD Allow Me to Consume Other Hemp Compounds?

    Vaping CBD allows you to enjoy a wide variety of hemp-based compounds, unless you vape a CBD oil made with CBD isolate, which contains only CBD and none of the other compounds native to hemp.

  • What is a CBD Cartridge?

    A CBD cartridge is a pre-filled, disposable cartridge containing CBD vape oil.

  • What is a CBD Vape Pen?

    A CBD vape pen is a portable vaporizer device that is built to be compatible with CBD e-liquid.

  • How Long Does CBD Vape Oil Last?

    Typically, CBD vape oil lasts for one to two years. We recommend using your CBD vape oil within a year for the best results.

  • Do CBD Vape Oils Come in Different Flavors?

    We offer our CBD vape oils in a wide variety of flavors.

  • Is Vaping CBD Oil Safe?

    Yes, it’s relatively safe to vape cbd oil. Stick with some smart tips to keep the experience positive: always go for a premium lab-tested product, adjust the dosage as needed, and welcome a physician’s consultation if using other medications.

  • Hemp-derived CBD vape oil is perfectly legal. CBD is a product of industrial hemp, which was declassified as a controlled substance under the 2018 Farm Bill. Hey, thanks Congress.

  • Is CBD Vape Oil Addictive?

    It’s not! The benefits are probably worth repeating, but there are no addictive chemicals in CBD vape oil.

  • Is CBD Vape Oil Dangerous?

    Vaping CBD is a relatively safe and beneficial practice. Purchase from reputable sources, find a comfortable dosage, and always welcome a physician’s opinion about using CBD while on other medications.

  • Does CBD Vape Oil Relax You?

    The science behind it says yes, and so do the testimonials. Relaxing, calming, soothing… all words commonly used to describe the CBD experience.

  • Can CBD Vape Oil Be Taken Orally?

    Use as intended! Vape oil, e-liquid and vape juice are specifically designed to be vaporized into pretty little clouds and are not taken orally or sublingually.

  • Can Vaping CBD Oil Make You High?

    Nope – mellow vibes only. Properly derived from hemp and not cannabis, CBD does not carry psychoactive properties.

  • What is CBD Vape Oil Additive?

    A CBD vape oil additive brings a CBD infusion to existing e-liquids. These flavorless CBD extracts are mixed and dripped with other e-liquids to give a favorite flavor profile or a nicotine vape a cannabidiol spike.

  • Can CBD Vape Oil Go Bad?

    CBD vape oils will eventually expire (or really just lose potency), but only after some serious neglect. Stored right once opened, most CBD products have a shelf life of six months to two years.

E-Liquid Containing Cannabis Derivative

E-Liquid Containing Cannabis Derivative is extracted from organically cultivated industrial hemp cultivated across Europe, Asia, Mexico, and the United States. It also contains food-grade flavors and colors, along with vegetable glycerin, to make it suitable for vaping. In this article, we discuss e-liquid containing hemp derivative. E-Liquid Containing Cannabis Derivative…

Everything You Need To Know About Vaping CBD Oil

Vaping has recently become a popular CBD consumption method and with good reason. When compared to CBD-infused edibles and other oral applications, which can take up to 30 minutes or more to enter the bloodstream, vaping takes effect much more instantaneously. With so many options available on the market today,…

The Essential Q&A Guide for CBD Vape Oils

CBD is everywhere these days. Be it gummies or lotions, you may be at a loss for where to start. Especially when CBD is crossing over into Juul pods and has become a part of the vaping craze. But where do you get started with vaping? In this article, we…

Buy Flavored e-juice Containing Hemp Oil

Buy Flavored e-juice Containing Hemp Oil Flavored e-juice Containing Hemp Oil is becoming popular among smokers as an alternative to regular smoking. Manufacturers of e-juice and vaping oil procure hemp oil derived from a particular strain of cannabis. E-juices used in electronic cigarettes are sold in small bottles and typically…

A Daily Routine with CBD Oil

LEGAL NOTICE: This content is not medical advice and does not substitute ongoing treatment with a physician.  At this point, you’ve already decided that beginning a CBD regimen could possibly be a suitable option for you and you are aware of its many different formats: Sublingual tinctures Vaping oil Edibles…

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