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Common FAQs

How Often Should I Use My CBD Vape Pen?

How often you choose to use your CBD vape pen is up to you, as everyone has their own preferences when it comes to how much hemp they consume throughout the day.

Can CBD Vape Pens Be Used with Other Vaping Products?

CBD vape pens should not be used with other vaping products such as standard nicotine cartridges.

How Often Do CBD Vape Pens Need to Be Charged?

Your CBD vape pen will need to be charged regularly, but how often depends on how frequently you use it.  An LED light on the pen will glow red when the battery is running low.

Will the CBD Be Just as Potent on a Low Battery?

It’s likely that your CBD will be weaker when the battery is low, as a weak battery will fail to produce an adequate amount of vapor.

Can CBD Vape Pens Be Used with Any CBD Vape Cartridge?

Generally speaking, yes.  Virtually all CBD cartridges utilize the same universal connection mechanism.


Do CBD Vape Pens Last Forever?

Your CBD vape pen will last as long as you take care of it properly.  However, it’s most likely that you’ll need to replace it every couple of years or so.

Is a CBD Vape Pen Legal?

CBD vape pens are legal as long as they’re being used for hemp-based CBD products rather than e-liquids that contain marijuana extract.

How Should I Store My CBD Vape Pen When Not in Use?

Store your CBD vape pen in a cool and dark location, and make sure it’s in an area where it won’t get knocked over.


Is Vaping CBD the Best Way to Consume the Cannabinoid?

Vaping CBD is a great way to enjoy what this cannabinoid has to offer, as it tends to provide potent and fast effects compared to other methods.

How Often Should I Use My CBD Vape Pen?

You should use your CBD vape pen however often you please.  Everyone responds to CBD differently, so it’s up to you to decide how much you wish to consume CBD via a vape pen.

Are CBD Vape Pens Made with Safety in Mind?

CBD vape pens are made with safety features that keep you, your CBD and your device safe from harm.

Dabs Waxes Shatters Pens

Dabs Waxes Shatters Pens

Common FAQs

What is Wax, and What is Shatter?

Wax and shatter are both forms of CBD concentrates.  CBD e-liquid contains hemp extract that’s rich in hemp-based compounds.  Meanwhile, wax and shatter contain more of these compounds due to the higher concentrations.  Wax is a sticky, wax-like substance while shatter is more like glass.

Will I Actually Inhale Any Smoke?

Vaping wax and shatter using a vaporizer device prevents the inhalation of smoke.  Vapor and smoke are two different substances, so you will not inhale any smoke whatsoever.


How Does This Differ from Vaping CBD E-Liquid?

Vaping wax or shatter allows for a stronger, more potent CBD experience compared to CBD e-liquid.

Are Wax and Shatter Pens Legal?

Wax and shatter pens are perfectly legal, as long as the wax or shatter you use comes from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant

Can I Use Regular CBD Vape Pens to Enjoy My Wax and Shatter?

We strongly recommend that you only use vape pens intended for wax and shatter, as these materials require different output settings to properly vaporize.

Do CBD Wax and Shatter Pens Require Special Maintenance?

Wax and shatter pens will likely need to be cleaned from time to time so that they continue to function properly.  How often they need to be cleaned depends on how heavily you use them.

How Often Should I Use My Wax and Shatter Pen?

We recommend that you start out by taking a few hits and seeing how you feel.  From there, you can decide how much and how often you should vape your wax and shatter.

Can I Vape Too Much Wax or Shatter?

Due to the nature of CBD,  you really don’t have to worry about vaping too much wax or shatter.  But, we still recommend starting slow and working your way up as needed.

Is Vaping Wax and Shatter Better Than Smoking It?

Vaping wax or shatter is considered by some to be superior to smoking it, as it’s less harsh along the throat when inhaled.

Where Can I Find Wax and Shatter for My Wax and Shatter Pen?

We sell wax and shatter here at Pure CBD Vapors.

Beginner’s Guide to Dab Rigs

Beginner’s Guide to Dab Rigs   As people are growing more aware of the perils of inhaling smoke, they have started to look for other ways to enjoy the medical benefits of dry herbs. Vaping is the most common alternative, but a new delivery method called dabbing is becoming increasingly…

Disposable CBD Vape Pens

Disposable CBD Vape Pens

Common FAQs

What is a CBD disposable vape pen?

All of the benefits with zero commitment, CBD disposable vape pens come pre-loaded with a cartridge of CBD vape oil. Extremely low maintenance and discreet, just toss it out when the cartridge dries up.

Do CBD vape pens make you high?

Nope – mellow vibes only. Properly derived from hemp and not cannabis, CBD does not carry psychoactive properties.

Can you take too much CBD?

Fortunately, there is no known thing as a CBD overdose. If an experience turns out to be overly drowsy, simply dial back the dosage next time. CBD is a very forgiving and gentle compound to kick around.

Does CBD affect driving?

CBD affects people in different ways. While there’s no correlation to CBD and driving, it’s always beneficial to see how your body responds to something like CBD before engaging in a cross country road-trip.

What color is CBD oil?

First off, there is no correlation between color and purity. Knowing that, CBD oil comes in a variety of hues: clear, opaque, honey, amber, and other natural earth tones. After all, that’s the source.

Does CBD make you hungry?

While it’s possible that vaping CBD oil can affect one’s appetite, a direct link to an increase or decrease hasn’t been identified. We’ll let you tell us.

How much CBD should I take?

Everyone’s body responds differently, and finding an ideal dosage amount is part of the CBD vaping journey. Start small and increase gradually until the comfort zone hits.

Does CBD help anxiety?

It’s true that many people searching for a positive mood boost or a reinforcement of well-being have found CBD to be an incredible ally. Results very, so approach CBD with an open mind and see how CBD fits into your life. A more relaxed and centered version of yourself just might be one dose away.

How long does a CBDfx pen last?

For fresh CBD dosers, these 50mg pens can hit for 2-3 weeks. For intermediate users, think along the lines of 1-2 weeks. Heavy or experienced CBD users may finish the pen faster – it all depends on the frequency of hits.

Is CBD Oil addictive?

Not at all. In fact, CBD oil is nicotine-free. While the level of enjoyment experienced is probably something worth repeating, the act of using CBD oil is not chemically addictive.

We know a good pen when we see one. We know what to look for. Stylish, discreet, sleek, technologic, dependable, and effective. If you’re interested in vaping well and looking good while doing it, these devices take best-in-show with the reviews and recommendations to back it up. They’re all winners.

It sounds like standard protocol, but it’s important to reinforce the fact that the pen you use is just as important as the e-liquid in the cartridge. The device guides the experience as the CBD liaison and unleashes those pretty clouds. In the wizarding world of cannabidiol, the pen is the wand. Choose a good one, and let the good vibes roll

Common FAQs

Can CBD Vape Pens Be Used with Other Vaping Products?

CBD vape pens should not be used with other vaping products such as standard nicotine cartridges.

What are the Benefits of Vaping CBD?

Vaping CBD may provide faster effects and create a more potent experience.  This is due to the way in which the compounds quickly absorb into the body.

What Do I Do with an Empty CBD Cartridge?

If you’re using a disposable CBD cartridge, you can simply recycle it when you’re done, and grab a new one. If you are using a refillable cartridge, you can refill with CBD Vape Juice.

Are CBD Vape Pens Legal?

CBD vape pens are perfectly legal, and can be enjoyed anywhere vaping products are permitted.

Which CBD Milligram Strength Should I Choose?

There’s no right or wrong milligram strength, as it largely depends on your body as well as your unique CBD needs and preferences.  We suggest going with a lower milligram strength and working your way up as needed.

Do Your CBD Cartridges Contain Clean Ingredients?

Our CBD cartridges contain the cleanest ingredients that we can find, including flavoring extracts that come from organic terpenes rather than artificial sources.

Can CBD Vape Pens and Cartridges Be Used Interchangeably?

Our CBD vape pens and CBD cartridges utilize universal connection mechanisms that allow them to be used with any variable voltage vape battery.

Do CBD Vape Pens Require Certain Storage Measures?

It’s best to store your CBD vape pen and cartridge in a cool and dark place when not in use.  This best preserves the compounds that naturally occur in the hemp plant so that they remain potent.

How Much CBD Can I Vape at One Time?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as everyone responds to CBD differently.  We recommend that you start out with a couple of puffs and see how you feel.  From there, you can consume more if you wish.

Can I Use This Product with Another Type of CBD Product?

You can absolutely vape CBD and consume it using another method at the same time.

How Long Does a Cartridge Last Before It Expires?

We suggest using your cartridge within one year, as CBD can decrease in potency as time goes on.


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