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Looking to soothe your aches and pains? Try our CBD salves, creams and sprays on areas of concern topically or incorporate them into your massage routine. You can also use topical CBD products for your skin care regimen or use CBD essential oil rollers to help you drift off into peaceful slumber.

Looking to soothe your aches and pains? Try our CBD salves, creams and sprays on areas of concern topically or incorporate them into your massage routine. You can also use topical CBD products for your skin care regimen or use CBD essential oil rollers to help you drift off into peaceful slumber.

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Topical Thunder: Why’re CBD CBD RUBS | SALVES | CREMES | SPRAYS​ on the rise?

If the appearance of CBD bath bombs are any indication, the topical industry is booming! Lip balms, lotions, serums, creams, bath salts, moisturizers, masks… from head to toe, CBD has the marketplace covered. Whether the goal is beautification or a more blissful skincare regimen, the health and wellness community at large is turning into the topical CBD trend. So how do they work, what’s inside, and why the hype as it pertains to CBD Pain Relief Topical?

Those drawn to the topical CBD wellness movement like that these product keep the effects localized. Whereas delivery methods like vapes or edibles send the cannabidiol compound throughout, topical CBD products generally stay in the neighborhood of application. When applied, CBD lotions and serums are absorbed by the skin, but don’t enter the bloodstream. For those who want to sidestep the questions of how much to dose, creams and serums are popular choice… apply to the areas that need targeting and enjoy the relaxing effects that are backed and voiced by many dermatologists, holistic healers and wellness writers. Like many popular and effective lotions and creams, topical CBD products can be infused with essential oils or scented with aromatherapy carriers for added impact. As with any skin care product, reading the label before slathering away is the smart play.

Whether looking to treat yourself or add a calming ritual to the day, users are keen to point out the anti-inflammatory and therapeutic benefits that research suggests. Skin care experts have identified inflammation as the culprit for such things as discomfort to aging. Bath bombs away.

Feel Good About the Feel-Good Benefits of CBD Creams Yet?

Maybe it was a long day. One of those weeks. A rough month. Hey, we’ve all been there. Sometimes all it takes is a little boost to get back again.

Studies are well underway in revealing CBD’s secrets on the path to wellness. Many health experts believe that we’re only just beginning to understand the benefits associated with this incredible compound. Some call it a miracle. To join that camp, you’ll have to take the plunge. There are plenty of testimonials, reviews, and roundups out there, and just reading about a health and wellness writer’s experience with a CBD product is positively relaxing. A collection of them might make for an apically drowsy bedtime novel. 

This is fitting, because deep relaxation is one of CBD’s best associations. Some topical CBD users describe a sense of focus. Others, a sense of calm, or feelings of euphoria. Others liken a topical application to a feeling of a deep tissue massage (CBD pain relief topical). Read further, ask around, and it starts to become clear that quality CBD health and beauty products can elevate both body and mood. A rising tide lifts all boats. And yes – it’s certainly a shared consensus that these CBD creams, rubs and serums can regulate inflammation as well, which is known to be the root cause of countless skin issues and flare-ups. 

Intrigued yet? Everyone has a different way to describe their CBD experience, and you will too. Enlightenment can be felt in many ways… like a healthier feeling body and a calmer mood. At the end of that long day, a more relaxed body and mind is something we can all get behind. Check out some of the amazing brands for CBD pain relief topical like Hemp Bombs, Nature’s Script, Americana Uncut, Swiss Relief and more we carry at Pure CBD Vapors!

Common FAQs

  • What Happens When You Apply CBD Topically?

    More and more people are using CBD topicals such as rubs, creams and sprays, because the compounds in hemp are very efficient when it comes to absorbing into muscle tissue via the layers of the skin.

  • Which is Better: CBD Rub, CBD Cream, or CBD Spray?

    Which type of product you go with is completely up to you, based on your unique preferences. No one type of product is stronger or more effective than the other.

  • Are There Other Ingredients in Topical CBD Products?

    CBD topicals can contain a wide variety of unique ingredients based on the product’s formula. For instance, creams may contain emulsifying ingredients, and many topicals contain plant extracts for additional relief.

  • Do CBD Rubs, Creams and Sprays Contain Other Hemp Compounds?

    CBD topicals that utilize broad spectrum and full spectrum hemp extract will contain other compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD isolate products contain only CBD as far as hemp compounds are concerned.

  • How Often Should I Apply a CBD Topical?

    There’s no limit to how often you should apply a CBD topical on a daily basis. This largely depends on your unique needs.

  • Are CBD Topicals Safe to Consume Orally?

    We do not recommend consuming CBD topicals orally.

  • How Long Do CBD Topicals Last?

    We suggest using a CBD topical within a year, as the ingredients may break down after twelve months have passed.

  • How Do I Choose the Right Milligram Strength?

    You should select your ideal milligram strength based on your unique situation and needs regarding CBD.

  • Are CBD Topicals Irritating?

    CBD topicals are not irritating by nature. However, some people are naturally sensitive to certain ingredients. Therefore, we suggest reading through the ingredients before selecting the right topical product for you.

  • Can I Use Two Topical Products at Once?

    You can use more than one CBD topical product at one time.

  • Can Pets Take CBD Like Humans?

    Research now shows us that cats and dogs and other mammals have endocannabinoid systems just like humans. Therefore, CBD is processed by their bodies in the same manner as ours.

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