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CBD flower is becoming an increasingly popular product among hemp enthusiasts, and it’s easy to see why. CBD flower lets us enjoy the pure, naturally potent and diverse plant material that hasn’t been tampered with. Unlike CBD products that are made with hemp extract, there are CBD flower pens. They allow us to enjoy the rawest form of hemp that there is, so that we can take it as nature intended.

CBD Flower Pens at Pure CBD Vapors

The most common way to consume CBD flower is by inhaling it. This is done either through a vaporizer device or a pipe. Basically, whether it’s being smoked or vaped is totally up to us based on our preferences.

Not only do we offer a wide selection of CBD flower products, but we offer the ideal devices to get the most out of each dose. They’re expertly crafted, aesthetically appealing and highly resilient to use.

To go a bit further, CBD flower vape pens are portable vaporizers specially designed to turn those flower buds into a smooth and potent vapor. Of course, this is also easy to inhale. Every pen offers unique features and a one-of-a-kind design, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that’s perfect for your needs.

Common FAQs

  • What is a CBD Flower Pen?

    A CBD flower pen is a vape pen specially constructed to vaporize CBD flower, which is the flower that is removed from the hemp plant. It contains a battery and a chamber into which the CBD flower is placed.

  • How Does Vaping CBD Flower Differ from Smoking It?

    Vaping CBD flower allows you to enjoy just as many compounds as smoking it, but it’s a more discreet method of consumption, and produces a less potent smell and flavor.

  • How Do I Choose CBD Flower for My CBD Flower Pen?

    At Pure CBD Vapors, we offer a wide array of CBD flower products that are perfectly compatible with our CBD flower pens.

  • CBD flower pens are legal, as long as you use them with hemp-based CBD flowers rather than marijuana buds.

  • Will Using a CBD Flower Pen Allow Me to Enjoy All of the Hemp Plant’s Natural Compounds?

    CBD flower naturally contains the wide variety of compounds native to hemp. A CBD flower pen allows you to enjoy all of these compounds via the vapor that is produced.

  • Are CBD Flower Pens Safe to Use?

    CBD flower pens are built with advanced safety features that keep them safe from hazards.

  • Can I Use CBD Vape Oil in My CBD Flower Pen?

    CBD flower pens are not designed to handle CBD vape oil.

  • Does My CBD Flower Pen Require Special Maintenance?

    From time to time, you’ll need to clean your CBD flower pen as resin may develop within the chamber.

  • Will My CBD Flower Pen Need to Be Replaced?

    Our CBD flower pens are built to last for a long time, but depending on how you store them and how often you use them, you may need to replace them from time to time.

  • Do CBD Flower Pens Use Convection?

    All of our CBD flower pens utilize convection.

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