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Can you smoke CBD Flower?

Can you smoke CBD Flower? Hey, don’t offend the farmers. Grown right, CBD Flower looks too good not to smoke. These pristine buds were plucked from the plant with the feel-good intentions of being fired up the retro way. Whether rolling one up, choosing from a selection of pre-rolled faves or packing the pipe, the act of lighting up CBD Flower puts the focus back on the plant. This method may feel like a throwback, but for many, it’s the best way to kick back. Those who love CBD Flower know that there’s something inherently enjoyable about a good smoke. There might be no better way to slow the earth’s spin.

Of course, the benefits to smoking CBD Flower go beyond the centering sensation of light one up. It seems like we’re always talking about bioaviailability, but really, what good is using CBD without achieving that calm, collected, mellow CBD state? Like vaping, CBD smoke enters the lungs and diffuses directly into the circulatory system. In contrast to the 30-60 minutes it generally takes for an edible to kick in, the timely efficiency of smoking is vastly superior. It’s potent, fast, and hits with all the desired anti-inflammatory, mind-mellowing qualities. 

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